Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Start sharing, stop being suspicious.

We, Michel, have always taught you to believe in yourself, you NEVER have to stand on someone's back to stand tall. These old sayings have truth laced within them. Sharing knowledge and networking is sharing abundant awareness. The universe is so plentiful no one should ever feel threated, insecure or selfish. The more you give, the more you share, the more you have to draw from. Kindness goes a long way in healing. Being nice takes little energy and it actually feels good. Think about the energy some people put into being negative and controlling. All that perfectly good energy and that is how they choose to use it. Indeed. It takes such little energy to walk away, to let go, to be sincere, to smile, and then go on with your own life.

 When someone is kind to you, they smile at you, or reach out to you and are pleasant, well, it may because that is just how they are... pleasant... and it may have NOTHING to do with them being sexually attracted to you, or them being out to get something from you... those things reflect your own insecurities. How many of you think - 'I know they want me!', 'I know they want something from me!' Really... Stop being so suspicious and thinking you are the end all - life is too short and it won't get you anywhere.

There are some folks who are struggling with their endeavors, having a hard time making ends meet, and yet they become self-protecting, and think that another person, any person, is going to 'steal' their income, one up them, is after their money (when they usually have little - and that is one reason they are so fearful), or that someone is going to steal their following, when those other people could give them a hand up (like others had given them)... that thinking only leads to lackage and more instability - it is based in self-doubt and fear. Why, the universe might just collapse in upon itself and run out of everything. Such silly thinking. And there you have it.

Listen softly, if you can be decent and do the right thing by another, and it doesn't take any skin off you - go for it. No one gets anywhere in life by thinking they can do it all on their own. It takes many hands to build a good life and a stable career. Start sharing, stop being suspicious, and start living a life that is truly abundant. Yes, yes, all puffed up and nowhere to go. It is time to realize that there is so much, so much vastness, that there is no way, there is no possible way that there is remote scarcity or limitation. That is, unless you think there is. Michel

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