Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Put your mind on new thoughts.

Do you feel you are stuck. Do you think there is no way out... then perhaps it is time to change your thinking. When you are stuck, so is your thinking. Put your mind on new thoughts, come up with a new idea... then set about learning how to implement that idea.

 ometimes people get caught up in a relationship; they may feel trapped, or dead-ended... then stop... just STOP and observe the dynamic. See what attracted you to that other person in the first place. What was that attraction based in... and then you may begin to see and realize what it was all about.

What significance does the hive and collective have: Within all structures - the family, work, and various groupings, there is purpose and structure if the hive and collective is to survive and function. No one function is any less vital than another. There needs to be many functions and many layers of function to ensure that the work is done and the hive and collective successfully grows. If one part breaks down the hive and collective ceases to be optimally functional. Think of a bee-hive. All are vital to its survival.

Being accepting means truly acknowledging the worth and significance of another... no matter what your difference may be. Those who love you should encourage you. Always strive to be your best. Always reach for the next rung on the ladder... pull yourself up and allow yourself to see the good in yourself. For you will always retain your own identity. If others are not kind... do not even let them have consideration within your thoughts or reality. Michel

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