Saturday, February 15, 2014

Your life is ongoing, it is a seamless manifestation of Divine Thought.

The things and events of your life are illusions of your beliefs. They only exist because of the importance you give them, and that importance is unique to you and the events in your life that have shaped you… all based on the falsehood of illusion. Life, the universe is organized and a system of akash, cause and effect, or dimensionality; if you move here than something moves there. If you think you have a scratch then you get the inch. Thinking. Thought.

Beginnings. You have grown up under varied ridged religious beliefs. Underlying all those beliefs is the power of consciousness and the universal premise of constant universal expansion. Your beliefs, thoughts, and ideologies therefore can NOT be limiting, by your very nature you are living a life that is based in the constant expansion of awareness. Expansion.

The language you use is important because it shapes your inward view of yourself and your outward view of others. Use words and language that are more: positive, accepting, aware and respectful of yourself and then you will begin to see a difference in how other relate to you.

Do not refer to yourself in unkind ways; don’t refer to yourself as: stupid, fat, unattractive, when you speak about yourself in demeaning ways it sends a signal to others that you don’t respect yourself and therefore it is alright for them to think lesser of you than you already do. You matter. You are NOT disposable. You are a significant being. Speak about yourself in kind, dignified, and respectful ways.

Words have power. Words have meaning; they communicate to others the context of life you place yourself within. How often, off the cuff, do you refer to yourself, in less than nurturing ways? Be here and now, be within your moment and bring to your inner-child the respect and love you would want yourself to have. Be fearless. Be aggressive in the practice and you will discover how good it feels to begin the process of taking your self-empowerment back.

Reality and your real life is what you experience. It is what you know. You can shape this by realizing: the intent and impact of how you project yourself and your image forward, and by how receptive other people are to their perception of you and how they then subsequently react to you. This can be your greatest learning tool.

Synchronicity is the subtle, oftentimes symbolic, and unexplained occurrences within your life that offer proof that the universe is working within your life, and that all experiences are happening at once.

So much may seem like distortion or bizarre thinking and reasoning. Perhaps things may seem unbelievable, but within these perceptions aren’t right or wrongs, but ways to evolve your thinking. Sometimes truth is found in deniability or that which escape your own ability to understand it.

Understanding someone is understanding their usage of their perception. Their truth is very much anchored in their understanding of themselves and the world they come from. It is not a matter of right or wrong, it is just a matter of individual existence and how that experience shape who they are. It is different for each.

Allow people their differences; it should be the differences that attract you. For within differences are opportunities for insight, balance, healing and newer ways to understand yourself. How mundane and complacent the world would become if it was too homogenized, to much the same; alike in kind. There is beauty in uniqueness. Allow yourself the entirety of yourself, and of your whole being. Difficulty doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of it.

Your history, not only of this life, but of your past lives play an important part of who you are becoming. As you age, you begin to realize that your journey becomes more limited. You begin to focus on your needs and perhaps not your dreams. Things you put away revisit you as unexpected memories. Age; this is about how your perceive yourself. Youth is an experience of the soul.

What defines you? Your looks, your character, your friends, what you have, or the position you think you have within your social grouping and the power it brings you? Perhaps none of these things should define any one person. You are more than your looks and looks fade over time and through life circumstance, friends can be elusive, you can lose the material things you have, and with position comes responsibility; the hardest things is to accept yourself as you are, because with that comes vulnerability.

Pride.  Always be proud of yourself. Even when you doubt yourself, and everyone does, embrace your inner dignity. You may be in a mentally or physically abusive relationship. You may think that all you have to offer is your physicality. YOU are so much MORE. Carry yourself with dignity and pride. KNOW you are significant, you matter, and that you are the only wondrous being like you.

Trust, like respect, is earned over time and by being consistent. Be fair, be non-condemning and allow each person their own path. Leave your heart open and always believe in the good in others. But, you don’t have to risk your own wellness by being around those who would not share a sense of authenticity with you.  You must treat yourself in respectful ways. You should always speak about yourself in the best of ways.

Nothing in nature makes excuses for itself. All things within nature are unique and beautiful, and each thing within nature has purpose.  Within you is the face of God, the potential of the universe and the beauty of perfection.

The world as you now know it is changing and it is shedding its karmic past, realigning itself to a newer sense of equilibrium.  The middle-east is the arising moon that will shape the emerging decades. You are far, and distant, from having the ability to share your collective sense of global humanity. The intensity you are sensing is the universe’s way of getting your attention.

The breakdown of economics, and global markets, is a means of bringing forth a healing crisis that will redirect your focus, in an attentive way, back toward the non-material. You are the same beings cut from the same cloth, all of whom desire the same things:  equality, dignity, to be loved and to love, to have wellness, and the basics like: clean water, food, and shelter.

Your world and planet is like a library where actions and behaviors, the way you act, and what you become, are being shaped upon the planet itself and stored within its emotional reserve. You have to restructure and rethink the way your societies and religions work.

This is the time of emerging awareness and of what you would call the God thought, which is the power that exists within your beliefs, and how those beliefs become contagious. Like a disease is contagious so is thinking. Thought. Thinking that is disharmonious and exclusive tears societies apart rather than healing them. The way you have been thinking and acting has created the placement of energies  where your societies no longer sit it alignment within their beliefs in a harmonious manner. Like and disease the host sits about to heal itself and remove that which is making it sickly. And this is why you are living within the hostel world you now find yourself. It begins with beliefs, which become embedded within self-validating behaviors. It is the rigidity of your ideas and fears that keep you locked in place; this is what limits the unlimited potential within you.

Humankind was first created as man and woman both. Then the form was separated from the design and the function became the identity. But, within you, is the awareness of: male and female. The expression of who you are, and how you are, is ever changing. Who you are and how you are and the life you occupy is much bigger, grander and more significant than you could ever imagine.

You must change, transform and adapt to newer considerations and beliefs. From chaos comes the ability to restructure. This is a very critical time; it is the time of – choice. Do what is right for the higher good. Do what is right to create peaceful moments that are respectful. Never look back with regret. You are MORE than your looks. You are MORE than your appearance. If you are trapped thinking that you have to be a certain way, or that by looking a certain way you will be popular, find love, and become content… think again. No outward appearance can change the inward condition.

Begin inside and work outward. Like – yourself. Truly, learn to like yourself. If you can like yourself then you can begin to find a sense of peace. It is through peace that you can begin to respect all others and their regionalized ways of being. You are not a world of separate beings, but of different beings that have been shaped by many influences: topography, climate, your histories, your cultures, and your regionality. You try to understand the smallest atom, and are unable to grasp that ever eluding thought that life always reduces itself and re-manifests itself, therefore how can you ever understand spirit? For where you are upon your planet is based on reason and purpose. There are differences because when you were seeded here, upon this dimension plane, you were sit forth because there was something unique about you that lent you to successful living within that region. But, as your world grew you exploited those you did not understand, or appeared differently than yourselves.

The way you think, your mindfulness, and the attention you give something becomes the focus of your intent. Transform your thinking into higher thoughts; think in ways that free your mind from limitation. Embrace your potential. Indeed. These things are not about one faith or one religion, as there is one Source, and one Origin that connects all life and all living things. You get to decide the type of person you are becoming. You CAN change your way of thinking, you CAN change your behaviors; and you CAN begin renewed. Jesus was a man, not unlike - you, who happened to embodied and exemplified the highest human concept of the perfect being. Jesus is inseparable from The Christedness Energy and Christ; each individual has the choice to exemplify the qualities and characteristics they choose. You, yes, you are ‘one in the same’ as this vibrational alignment of deliberate intent.

At this point in your short memory you can only retain that which relevant to this lifetime.  The story of who you are and how you became is that which exists beyond this current memory. You are here within the great resource of beingness to learn that which has been magnetized to this planet. The rich minerals, waters, and atmospheric conditions were so ideal that you were placed within this Garden of Eden. The Gan Edan, or The Garden of Eden, is not a specific location, but the entirety of your fertile planet. Each of the surviving species as their suns went nova placed a modified version of themselves within regional areas of this planet that would ensure their survival. A nursery. Indeed. A garden. Your planet, the one you are ripping apart through war, dissonance, and anger is the most sacred place within the universe itself. For here, the library of all universal knowledge and beingness was placed. This is not a physical library of books, but one of souls. Within you, within your DNA, is all that was and all that will become.

For it is within your nature to desire, to want, to become more but these emotions have to be tempered. For there is a living spirit within all things. There is a greater voice, a sense of existence that flows from the cosmos to you, and that is within the very nature that surrounds you. You have not listened to that voice within you, so you must now listen to that voice as it speaks out to you from your planet. Within you, is that which IS, was and will become. From floral to fauna, from mineral to sea and air there is life and the story of life. You are connected to all things and to each other. As you treat others speaks to how well you respect yourselves, individually and collectively.

When what you would call God, or The Christedness Energy became aware of itself it became aware of the world of duality you exist within. The struggle between the need and the want, the Mortal Mind and Divine Mind, the Spirit and the Material became relevant as there was no way to identify within those experiences. YOUR personal experience becomes about these very learning processes. You are learning about the relationship that exists between the physical and the non-physical. As with all emerging thoughts and learning processes there are different vibrational levels or levels of maturity and growth.

Those upon the earth plane and those within the spiritual plane are not in alignment as their state of consciousness exists at different vibrational levels. Within this there is a wondrous opportunity to learn higher ways of beingness. One is tied to the physical plane and material reality and the other is not, it is of the ethereal and Spirit. As the events upon your planet in these coming days play out the universe will react. You have the ultimate freedom of free will and free choice. Indeed, you get to choose how you are becoming. This is not about religions, as religions exist to reinforce ideologies that were meant to serve as basic laws to guide your evolution; but now, here and now, you have forgotten the one premise that truly matters most and that is, you are all of Oneness.
The concept of Oneness is not just about you… all about you, what is that saying; ‘It is all about me.’, not so. This concept of Oneness is about your shared sense of collective responsibility. You are collectively responsible for each other and one another’s wellness and well-being. To heal this world, to heal your planet you must begin to respect each other’s differences. Those differences exist for a reason. As we have said you all desire to be loved, and to love. You mourn and grieve during loss and death. You celebrate during birth, life and during those special moments that have significance to you. It does not matter your color, your regionality, your religious preference or gender… or anything else. Indeed. You are all of flesh, bone and blood. You are born, you all will die. You all will celebrate and you all will grieve.  Your Oneness is that which binds you to each other. That Oneness is your sense of dignity and humanity.  Here and now; decide how you want to live between the beginning, birth, and the ending, death.

Usually when someone or even a society negates another, it is because they feel more powerful or more entitled.  But in the end to win because of power or entitlement is to win over nothingness. There is no winning, there is only shared loss. For when you are demonstratively subjugating it lowers your vibrational awareness and dampens the souls of those around. You cannot measure success by loss.

Something as simple as this is an example of how misunderstanding can occur. If you are out going about your chores or day and someone looks you ‘up and down’ and just smiles at you; you may think, ‘What is their problem?’, they may be thinking of who you remind them of, that you are good looking and well put together, or that seeing you brought up a random past memory within them, or they just may find you attractive. How often do you just smile back? Something as simple as a smile can cause so many reactions. Something as simple as a smile may have the potential of upsetting you. You see, your reaction may be based in your own fear or insecurity. You may think the other person is being smug, or coming on to you and all it was all prompted by a smile. If a smile has the potential of creating misunderstandings then think about how insecure within yourself you must truly feel. So we say, learn to like yourself, learn to love yourself, learn to be secure within yourself.

If you are secure within yourself then nothing and no one can make you feel insecure, or trapped, or victimized. The power of a smile, the power of being secure enough to accept a smile and the power of being able to smile back at someone is the power of healing. How deeply do you long to be loved, yet you don't let yourself be accessible to love, because it may not have the packaging you imagined. How much do you want the perfect relationship, yet you reject those who would be attracted to you? You can change packaging, and you can redefine a relationship. Allow yourself to explore the potential of being cared for. If you so judge others; then others will judge you. Being attractive is alright, but you see, the illusion of it is all others may see. All this is so subjective. How about just being yourself and simply being honest about it. Perhaps, you should consider that you, YOU... are enough. You are all you have to give.

Male or female… younger or older: Think beautiful thoughts, dream dreams of love and passion; spark your creativity and co-create with all that is around you. The key to life is the expression of love.

The knowing and light of God is within each person; your inner angel speaks to you, your inner truthfulness will not allow you settle for an unfulfilled life. You time has come to approach your life with joy. Be a light of truth so others may follow you through your example of well living. Live through your higher-self, through your inner-knowing, through compassionate understanding. Choose to walk with angels, with joy, and turn from anger, fear, and all that you would become lost within. You are loved.

Let go of behaviors that are blocking you from achieving your goals. When you dumb down yourself, and sabotage yourself, you lower your vibrational level. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t dumb yourself down. Allow yourself to be true to who you are, this will stabilize your vibrational and emotional expression of self.

Your intention maps the destination of your life. When you think you are motivated by re-action, when you act first and think later, when you emotionally self-sabotage remember that this is just a pattern of familiarity.  Show your true self, allow your real self to guide you. Discover new patterns of self-discovery. Ask… prayers are answered. Reclaim that aspect of Divine Mind you have forgotten to speak to. Simply, ask.

Your life is ongoing,  it is a seamless manifestation of Divine Thought. The reality is that everything thing you need is already put in place for you to succeed. Trust the existence of your life. Have faith, believe and know that everything you need in already in place for you to succeed. Faith. Love. Belief.

Problems are an illusion that are not natural to you. Living through committed intention allows you to demonstrate your belief. Become conscious of the power you have through your faith and belief to live a life that is free from conflict. All you need is there, ask, accept, and allow yourself to fulfill your potential. Michel

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