Saturday, February 15, 2014

When you love another moreso than yourself you can begin to heal the world.

Michel, there seems to be more crime and descent happening today, why is this going on?

This is a very valid question. We would ask you… how do you learn to covet? Then answer is simple, by seeing things you feel deprived of each day. It is also that people feel hopeless. They feel trapped. This is the issue, the complexity, the misgivings of ‘Treasure Maps’, or ‘Affirmation Boards’, you are reminding yourself of what material things you do NOT have rather than being grateful for what you DO have.

When you look around you and you see unemployment and you can’t afford the right foods to nourish you, or clothes to cover you, or you lack money to live… then of course you become angry and covet. You have to think ahead, time passes quickly, and you have to work toward goals.

How do you afford to live? How do become educated enough to earn a living? Educated enough… this does not mean academic education, but perhaps life education, where you can see a need and fill it. We know of one person who started a landscaping company in their thirties… they tied rakes and large rubbish cans to their Mustang and did yard clean ups. Now, they are very comfortable… they grew their business. We often say small steps.

You have to have hope. You have to have ambition… you have to try. It is like life… you do not know what the future holds, but you have to plan for it by living well – now. You don’t have an expiration date on your foot… no, you don’t. So, you will not die today… one day, you will. But perhaps not today. And there is another way of thinking and that way says you will never die, because you have eternal life. Find a means to; hope.

If you can believe you can see a chance of surviving or achieving then that is what you want to focus on. So many – today, feel hopeless. They don’t see the probability for success or achievement around them… it is like when someone is struggling to swim and all they see is water. Sometime you need someone to show you the land. If you can see a clear path then there is – hope.

You have to believe. First of all, believe in yourself. Secondly, you have to be hungry. You have to WANT something; the goal. Then you have to take small bites, or small steps, and with each step you come closer and closer to attaining that goal. Most of all you are learning while working toward that goal.

Life is a series of cycles. Life is very much about the values you place on and how you personally enjoy it. There is no ending. 'Passages' are the life changing moments or the life altering experiences you have. What matters most is what you learn from them and how you try to raise those experiences to higher levels of respect.

You are an infinite soul within a finite existence. Live forever - ageless, for you have eternal life.

The belief in spiritual identity is reaffirmed by those who have experienced Near Death Experiences, particle and electron splitting, and the ability through science to demonstrate and show that these are possible and actual occurrences.

"Is there reincarnation?" Yes. We are asked this so often… again and again. You need to be concerned with THIS life, here and now, not what was – then and in the past. Indeed, the soul cycles through many lifetimes as a means of learning and elevating its awareness. We are always asked about this. Reincarnation is about the life –cycles of the soul, not about your personal experience. This is about the process of an undefinable energy that exists beyond the comprehension of the human-mind.

We are often asked: "Can I come back as an animal?" No. Now, why would you, come back as a lesser-aware being than you now are? The human-level of awareness is ‘complex’; it is that which climbed up and out of primordial mass. When a soul reaches the level of human and the complexity of being human, it must come back as a human to work through unresolved issues of the past and the complexities that come from having these learning experiences. At the human level you have gained autonomy, and the ability to think about probabilities, likelihoods and use reason to unravel their complex nuances.

"Do I come back as the same gender I am now?" No. Not always. You may come back as either gender, male or female, and have more than likely already experienced these experiences and will again until you work through the issues that remain unresolved regarding them. Oftentimes, the soul-self will learn through various perspectives. Transgendered individuals are those that have integrated their dualistic past-lives to a level where they need to explore the conscious choice making process where they can choose to align themselves within their correct modality of being and experience the awareness of what it is like to be a specific gender while becoming the other gender. Man, woman, and both at once – then Oneness, with the present-memory of the past while still consciously aware of this life journey.    

"When someone dies do they come back immediately?" No. Not necessarily. As with conception there are stages with these experiences. From birth, through aging and then death there are cycles that are associated with each of these stages in your development. There is no measure of time that correlates with your 'human', third-dimensional measure of time. Upon death and spirit release, there may be what you would consider long periods of time till reincarnation or rebirth. These time frames range from 50 years, to 100 years or 1,000 years of your time measurement. However, children, those who die suddenly, those who die in accidents and suicides come back faster to aide humanity and those who would suffer the same. These spirit-beings come back as manifested 'angels' or 'guides'. No in saying this, we will say, that as time is speeding up and the awareness  of life becomes more integrated into the global conscious awareness the soul many immediately come back or transferee its awareness into another physicality; walk-ins are an example of this process.

"What does this all mean? What is reborn? Is it like Christians who are reborn?" The meaning is simple. To be reborn is to leave your known, present personality behind and emerge to a pure form of spirit. It is nothing, nothing like the usage of being born again, as a contemporized Christian would use it. Remember there is NO one religion. You may take charge of your life and rise up out of the bondage of addiction. There are many forms of enslavement and personal torment; alcohol addiction, drug addiction and sexual addictions. But with mindful awareness and personal perseverance you may choose to rise-up and behave in a healthier manner.

Reborn, also reminds us being born again or of resurrection... the door to reformation and change is always open. You have choice. You have the ability to look at yourself and your behavior and readjust your way of thinking and living so you have a more beneficial life.

The tendencies and character and life experiences, especially those not learned well, are assimilated into the spirit of the person and are reborn with them in the next life. Unlike memories which like personality is left behind. There may be from time to time shadows or echoes of familiarity to help you and enable you to better resolve those lessons you need to work on.

Over a series of life times the individuality and identity of the person becomes more certain and more shaped toward a higher functioning self, removed from the pettiness of the mundane.

"What about my soul?" Your… soul? Indeed. You are a soul. You think you are a body. The soul acquires a physical body to work through. Indeed. This is it all. If you take anything else away, take this. You are a soul with a body, NOT a body that has a soul. The soul is the weightless part of yourself that cannot be fully or adequately explained. It is like the electricity that lights the bulb, you know it is there but you cannot fully explain it… moreso, it may be like the glow the blub gives off for it provides light where there was darkness.

"Are the memories I have from time to time when I think someone is familiar a past life recall?" You do not recall past memories. The soul acquires a physical body, that specific body has a specific brain. The influences and impacts that genetically become part of you with each rebirth remains in part in essence with a part of your spirit. At the time of your death you will recall and see the past lives you have had in a fleeting moment of your time, as all time and all experiences are ongoing and connected. Remember we said that your life is a process of cycles. Now we will tell you that this recall at the time of death is part of your life review and individual evolution. At times you may get window of awareness or a sense that something is familiar and that is soul recall. We also call this the voice of the inner-landscape, your intuition.
"So why is reincarnation real? I mean it sounds like a story?" Indeed. You are all connected to ONE root, like a tree. You branch out in search for your individuality. Hence, this is where you are directed back to the awareness of source and it is how you overcome your human obstacles that determine if you merge back to The Divine or God-Heart. Life is a process not limited to this conscious awareness but intrinsically linked to the journey of the soul throughout its process. This process is about learning, adapting and coping.

Your humanity is separate from your sense of true brother-sisterhood. You are being guided toward an underlying reality you pull away from. Each of you learns individually and has individual experiences and it is through your ability to master them that you create a collective consciousness which increases your individualized perfection, also increasing your self-awareness. It is about becoming self-aware. You are all the same – humankind. But you are vastly different because of your personal experiences. You are all the same through your physicality, yet different through your perception of it.

Take a moment and clear your mind. There is a saying, "The seed you sow you will reap." When you plant a garden think ahead... it is like this with thoughts... how you think and what you think are part in-whole the reality you create. Like minded gets like-minded. Birds of a feather. All bees buzz around their hive. You are the causation of your life and when we say this we, Michel, are speaking to the quality of life you have, not the events of your life, for those may be subject to indeterminate variables that we, Michel, may not be able to adequately explain to you. But, for the most part, how you act and how you behave will have a great influence on how others react to you and co-create with you.

With this is mind create a garden of clear crystals within your mind where only the clear radiant light of love and positive affirmation can take root and grow.

Allow these new thoughts to grow into wondrous deeds of tolerance and compassion for yourself and for all others you interact with.

In the creating process you define who you are and what you are. It is also important to know that you actions have undetermined consequences. You, without meaning it co-create with everyone you interact with, even the action of watching something changes that which is being watched... and the person observing it. The desire of inner perfection is nothing more than a reflection of the Divine aspect of you that is already within you.

Hear your inner voice and stand on the foundation of your belief system. Beliefs are subtle things. They are shaped over a lifetime, and only become malleable when they are challenged through an unseen or unexpected circumstance.

Victims are often comfortable in the role of victim. It is easy to say you never had a chance. The odds were against you and that you just can't get beyond something. If you believe it to be so, guess what... it becomes so. Many people live their life being negative. Each day is a struggle and each moment has difficulty. We would aliken the victim mindset to that of what you would all a negative thinker, someone unable to get outside of their own perception of self. For even in the worse situation an individual can find a means of peaceful understanding. Some of the greatest minds like Stephen Hawking the theoretical physicist have travel distances greater than those who can walk and looked at life through a universal perspective. We, Michel, would gently suggest that perhaps you will get more out of your life if you can see the world in a perspective that isn’t singularly link to your own perception. 
There is a relationship between victim and victimizer. They both need each other to complete a process. Now when we, Michel, say there is a relationship between these two assigned roles we do not mean that it is necessarily pre-chosen and we do believe that there is also a high degree of randomness to any event that happens between individuals. It takes a lot for all the factors leading up to a point of impact to come together.

No soul choses to learn through negative experiences. The soul is a high vibrational force that is here to learn... it is the human mind and the individual that may only be able to learn through beating itself up, difficulty, or ongoing challenges. But the victim and victimizer do not pre-arrange in any way on a soul or spirit level to learn through negative experiences. These situations are about the individual leaning and choosing about their own reactions, sense of forgiveness, and how they want to live their life.

There is always a reason to justify anything if you want to escape responsibility for yourself and how you come to terms with any give situation. And decision can have irreversible consequences; this is why you should carefully consider how you react to something. Outside your perception of reality nothing really exists, for your perception of even the truth is filtered through your own experiences and beliefs.

So, when I say relationship I mean it in the way that individuals view themselves in relation to the events in their life. And it is through this very process of self-identification that at a certain point the 'victim' can choose to STOP being a victim. To do this you need to address your self-esteem issues and that means putting yourself into a healthy environment that reaffirms the positive qualities of life. Logic and reason cannot be applied to emotions. Emotions are only experienced and perceived by the individual, so truth then become and inconsistent variable of reality.

When you fully believe through your affirmation of faith that you are the very reflection of Divine Mind, and that is the aspect of self being aware that they are one with God, disease cannot be real. Error is of mortal thought and sustained by the corporeal body. However, the physical can only sustain so much impact, illness or sickly thinking until it can no longer repair itself and then the damage is done. Think of driving your car without any oil in it... the oil comes on and reminds you that you need oil, but yet you continue to drive the car until the engine stops... no longer able to function. If you abuse and mistreat yourself, your instrument, then one day it may not work as well as you would like it to.

You know when you are getting warnings that something is wrong and oftentimes you ignore them and place yourself in situations that are just not right for you. Learn to trust your inner voice and not feed your limitation or fear. Self-trust is intrinsic to living a rewarding and satisfying life. 

Recently within your respective cultures the power structure has become slanted to serve the elite segments of a hidden society and that dominant species has its own agenda. Your one voice when applied with rigorous conviction and global awareness can beneficially alter the course of human-kind and unite societies of peoples. You, yes, you, can make a huge difference. Today you can see that power-based agenda come to full circle to where people are losing their individual rights to: healthcare, land, property, business and acquiring savings to further their own family lineage to fill the globalization plan of the social elite. This should be brought to a stop, and it should be kept within the forefront of your minds. If you are to survive and maintain your own sense of dignity and awareness and autonomy you have to be aware of how you are all connected. The nuclear arms race continues... the question you should be concerned with is: Why does one build what one does not intend to use?

Privacy will be impeded and individual rights diminished for the 'good and safety' of others. Hidden government sectors will be configured to conceal more and agencies will become more faceless. Body parts will be cloned for healing and repair. Invasive surgeries will become less and more will be done with ozone, ionizations and cellular implants from cloned 'good' cells and harvested cells. Birth defects will become a thing of the past. Hormone therapies will prevent many illnesses. Longevity will increase. With and through time comes both: that which is beneficial and that which generates further learning lessons.

 Country's boarders, including your own, will change due to natural disasters and the merging of nation-states. Individual's thought will manifest faster and beliefs will become realities. Equal marriages will be known for all individuals. Races will become more integrated and there will be less detectable differences in ethnicities.  As it should become: Oneness. There is Oneness, a connection that is shared between all peoples. It is not about the right kind of person or people; it is about your collective story, the unfolding story of humanity. Come together thought your love for humanity. Celebrate your right to personal and social dignity. Speak out and be heard when one falls to injustice. For when you love another moreso than yourself you can begin to heal the world.


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