Saturday, February 15, 2014

The gift of love can be seen in the eyes for within lives the soul.

Michel can you tell me about love?

Love. Indeed. Love. To be loved, To find love. To know love. Or love remised?

Here you are at this moment, thinking back, about your life. One day, perhaps it is this day, you will find yourself thinking of yourself being slimmer, happier,  and in love. You will recall the time you felt the warm of inspiration, the joy of endless hope, and the rapture of another, who you knew, at that one moment, sudden, you connected with the person who made you feel alive and with purpose.

It comes to all. That time. We, Michel, have spoken to you about being an authentic person, an individual who is not out to impress, or be more than they are, but just to be connected to who they are.

Minds drift, like fallen autumn leafs, that float through-out the air without direction, but nonetheless with vibrant color. Memories become companions that age well and always seem brighter than they were. Memories become selective. They are shaped by dreams that were forgotten, and aspirations that were never met. When you sit quietly and open yourself to the echoes of the past you can revisit with tender respect those moment that slipped by, like melting winter ice, giving birth to an awaiting spring.

  There are those who your heart clings to. Time has meaning, resentments, frustrations, yes, they all seemingly reinforce the reason why 'it' didn't work out. But here you, within your present life, and that place by pond where you picnicked still exists, the place where you laughed over senseless things that only made sense to you - still exist. With just that thought, you can regain that sensation of joy and oneness.

What happens is that circumstances and other people's opinions and views influence and cause emotional friction, perhaps out of their jealously, and soon you doubt and become unhappy. Friends betray friends because they covet the happiness and success of them. Life is filled with hurtful oddities, that at the time seem shocking because they seemingly come out of no-where. But if you give it thought, they do make sense, as they are anchored in lackage and fear. The lackage of what you do not have and the fear of not having it. Funny isn't how some chase happiness, and some chase monogamy; these things are values that are measured through appreciation, and  if you haven't learn to be appreciative then disharmony can take root.

Start living right now. Start doing well-meaning things, now. Forgive, yourself. Forgive, those that have hurt you and those you have hurt. Become appreciative for the knowledge you have gained and learned.  You can set right the past, you can correct where you turned left and you should have gone straightly ahead. You have the power and ability to make good the wrongs you have done. Your choices begin and end with you. People CAN change, and for the better. People can learn. There is hope. And you should have a sense of personal dignity in treating yourself and body rightly.

We always start our messages with a theme, a concept, an idea.  Then we, Michel, share aspects of this theme so you can personalize the message in ways that can aide you in your  own self-empowerment. So many are consumed with materialism. So many 'want' this or that, and wish 'wishing-boards' or dream-reminders, photos, and images to 'attract' to them what they want. They want to 'vibrate' at the level of what they want, so it is drawn to them. This is what leads to covetous behaviors, being reminded daily of 'what you do NOT have.' These actions can lead to frustration and misery. Imagine, each day 'wanting' more and other than what you have. A prettier partner, a more handsome partner, a bigger house, a faster car and more money, money, money.  Indeed. How could have person have a appreciation for their life is their eyes are always else-where than within the world that nurtures them.

Perhaps it is time, as we, Michel, say to find an sense of satisfaction and appreciation for your everyday life. For the person who cooks your meals, who listens to your work woes, who helps you forward your life. Perhaps it is time to work together as one, as it was the day you first saw each other. Such passion. Before people, opinions, and self-made obstacles and jealously entered in. Image the unlimited possibilities.

There will always be someone smarter, brighter, more wealthy, and just 'more', than you. It is the nature of human-potential, as it is different for each person. Learning to focus within your life and celebrate in ways that brings union, oneness, and contentedness, give you the ability or go forth from a solid foundation in  a more structured and sensible way.

The gift of love can be seen in the eyes for within lives the soul. When one looks at you, in ways no other can, you know that deeply within them there is 'only a place for you.' Now how well will you, or have you, respected and nurtured that place. Each person comes to be at where they are at any given moment because they were taught to be and react as they do. With love, patience, and understand you can overcome tempers, affairs, betrayals and once you do you will be in a stronger and more secure place than ever before. For each person needs to learn to trust. And you must teach trust by acting in trustful ways and re-writing those past learning experiences into newer experiences of oneness and respect. The sanctity of trust is all. For how can look in eyes that look at you with trust and love knowing you have betrayed that?  You cannot, and therein is the problem, because this is called - guilt. Usually one then sets about looking for arguments and finding fault with the other person, because you want to dissuade yourself of your quilt.  That doesn't work-out too well.

Guilt is another oddity. Indeed. We, Michel, would think that these things are learning sensations. Indeed. If you were to look back over your life, would you rather have ended up stronger and wiser respecting the people within your relationship and having them respect you, or not? When you focus on 'eating crow', accepting blame when it is due, and being vulnerable, you can oftentimes begin to break-down the barriers of hurt. Does it matter who is right or wrong, you may be think, 'Why, yes it does.', but does it? We would suggest to you that perhaps you night feel taller, stronger and more self-aware and self-empowered if you just 'corrected' those moment - regardless, or at least made an attempt to.  You may find that you could potentially rediscover your own human-ity in another, for they too are more than likely struggling with the emotions and feelings. We you gently suggest that this might bring you to a place called - wisdom.

We like this question. Tell us about love. Indeed. Michel

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