Monday, January 27, 2014

The soul doesn’t know right and wrong, good or bad; it just exists at a level of purity.

Each person comes into life to experience and learn. The life or the body and gender that the soul emerges as, notice we, Michel, did not say chooses to be, but rather emerges as, is a means of negotiating those learning experiences. The gender is not necessary to this experience, the experience of learning, but it can be a tool toward discovering the subtle attitudes around gender, and the gender experience. So, the soul comes into the body and there it is, BAM, born into a physical world to learn, explore, and to adapt within.

The soul doesn’t know right and wrong, good or bad; it just exists at a level of purity. The concepts of fairness, rightness, victimization, resentment, anger… these are all learned and you have to be taught them. You are either taught them through your experiences, and your family, or lack thereof, or you acquire them through your life circumstances, that is, until you, yes you Lukas and any other person here tonight. decides to change the circumstances. There comes a time to break free. Take a chance. Risk it all. People who are rude or entitled have been taught to behave in that manner and they are telling you who they are and the type of life school they went to; meaning, they are telling you how they came to be.

All souls are pure. They manifest within a physical body, so you are soul within a body, not a body that pre-contracted to have a soul. Some people get caught up in the emotion of the experience, and lose themselves. Others can master the lesson because they retain a purity of the soul. It is humankind, the man or the woman, who judges, and is opinionated, and stands on someone else’s back in order to make them feel taller. When you learn to accept your everyday life with dignity and pride and celebrate it, you begin to stand taller on your own foundation of self. You must embrace your gift and follow your heart. Each person has the greatest potential for unlimited success within them. You are the living summation of the celestial universe. The celestial universe lives within you. The same atoms, protons, expanding sense of awareness, the need to survive and grow, ensure that you are connected to all life. No one person has any more potential than you, or any less. Potential. The capability of being, of becoming, of evolving that is not yet in existence, an inherent ability and capacity for growth, development. Indeed. Choice.

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