Monday, January 27, 2014

Live, Love and Learn

Sometimes when you sit back and dwell on something you cause it because you manifest it through your own beliefs and behaviors. When we say to you that you create directly we are not speaking in a magickal way or in an esoteric way; we are saying that you become your beliefs, and you find comfort in those who share those beliefs and habits. And subsequently you begin to see all of your life through that filter. You meaningfully set out to repeat and reinforce that which you know… good or bad. That is until you learn differently, but those lessons often come at a great price.
Man: I thought all people were create equal and entitled to the same benefits and opportunities in life as any other person. Are you saying this isn’t so?

Michel: Indeed, we the Michel are saying that. It is not so. No two people are born under the same conditions. So therefore they do not have the same opportunities. No two people filter information the same way because it is based on many variables: education, life experience, social status, economics, personal wellness and health issues, gender and on and on. And no two people will resolve any given set of problems the same way. Let’s look at it this way. Yes, ideally it would be beneficial if all people had the same entitlements. But, let’s argue this, and this is a small example; you have set up your governments and social programs to enforce everything else rather than... equality. You are attracted to pretty and handsome people… you desire those you find attractive and you give then entitlement. While on that same hand you usually turn from that which causes you discomfort or that which you find unsuitable, or undesirable, or unattractive, as qualified through your own personal beliefs. Indeed. For example many of you still don’t accept people of other races, or ethnicities, or those who are attracted to the same gender. People still disown their children, who express themselves in ways that are not in alignment with their ‘family-think’, and you live in areas and communities that reinforce your values and you socialize with those within those communities that insulate you from others unlike yourselves.
As long as you are products of your own insulated environments and family or inherited and subsequently learned beliefs then this will not change. When one child or adult within an established community grows beyond that community or family in their desires, knowledge, education, or desires and they want more they usually meet resistance. Why? Because, it causes fractionalization and dissention within an establish hierarchy, within relationships, between spouses, within belief systems and ways of life… it causes beliefs to become questioned and within this process there is a loss of control. The known and familiar becomes threatened. So, what happens? The group usually disavows or disowns, or finds a means of blaming that individual within the group for causing upset and subsequently that individual either has to squash their desires and conform to the community standard and resign themselves to living that way and continuing within the established belief system… or, they have to separate from the group. Anyway you consider these things one must admit that it certainly paves a problematic road to be traveled.

How many of you have wanted to start a new ‘dream’ job, and yet when you get it something is just off? Or how many of you get a couple steps ahead and then you can’t go any further? How many of you want to date a certain person, yet you are reluctant to approach them or you may even at the same time resent them because they have everything you ever wanted and yet when you can have a better life you impale it? In all these examples it comes down to the fear of the unknown and the lack of exposure or access to it to provide you with a sense of comfort… so, it may be easier to return to what you know, and struggle, and remain unfulfilled and unhappy. This is why the cycle of: abuse, negativity, and fear which keeps people locked in place.
You are the causation of the life you live. This is something you may not like to hear.

Woman: Michel… I don’t like hearing this. You’re saying it is okay to blame the victim! And, I really have to disagree with you.
Michel: Hummm… so you would think. But, what we, the Michel are saying to you is that you will stop being the victim when you decide to take control of your life and be responsible for your decision. Now, is that easy? No. It is not.

We are NOT blaming the victim. This it hitting too close to home for you. We respect that. Stay with us in a gentle manner.  So, we will say that you have the ability to choose. You can decide who you are… and in so doing that means you have to accept who you are, and how you want to become, and that may not be easy. This is your life. You are architect, the builder, if you will, of your life. This is also about the power and meaning of words. How does one define the word… victim?
Randomness. Indeed.  Free-will. People who choose to follow, or individuals who dare to believe will strike out on their own path. No standard can be measured against any other standard. Let each know their own gifts and let each follow their own path. Each person is designed to be self-sustaining, and they are designed to sense and intuitively know their own truth, but people conform for their own reasons. Some rise up and others remain much the same. Change is possible. To excel at excellence and to become successful as you would define it is highly possible. But, you have to work at it. And, that may mean facing choices that make you uncomfortable because it brings you to question you own beliefs… now when you face this moment, as you are… for you disagree with us… ask yourself why this challenges you and your beliefs.
Come from love. Forgive... and move forward. Heal.
Let the past be in the past... don't go back. Stay within your present moment. And be thankful for all the past has given you, for it has helped create the wondrous you... that is. Celebrate life. Live through love.


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