Monday, January 27, 2014

Fear is the mind-killer of the true self…

Mindfulness is about being fully appreciative of being where you are, in your here and now, at this moment – all is well. Life is then satisfying. Being a ‘mindful person’ is the first step toward self-enlightenment. It is about being – respectfully and graciously aware.  
What a life. Your life. The nature of choice. You already know what you want to do. You are just trying to find a means or a way of coming to an understanding regarding it. Your world will never look the same again. Once you claim yourself in an authentic way and stop playing games, you will become more integrated and more your true self. Happily so. That is, once you step through the fear, fear is the mind-killer of the true self… once you step through fear you realize it was all an illusion, an illusion that was constructed for you by others; it was an illusion you constructed with the falsehoods of what you were taught. You thought if you kept your head down low and conformed no one would notice, but what kind of life is that… what a life… your life, this life, the only life you have and the only chance you will ever have to discover true happiness.

Remember when it rains, and you look at the rainbow, and its beauty is calling to you and you feel... calm. Then you think how could you ever be truly free to be, to become, to celebrate the joy of life… your life, this life, this moment. This moment is only measured, in the end, by the meaning you give it. Dare to strive for excellence and dare to follow your gift, your dream, and your desires. No one does your living for you and, more to the point, no one will do your dying for you. So, here you are, now, within this moment chasing your life. You have the tiger by the tail, and someday you are hoping that you’ll tame that tiger you’re hanging onto. We suggest you let go and run with the tiger. 

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