Monday, January 27, 2014

Chosen behaviors...

All of your Earth-energy and that of the entire universe is connected. There are mentors, guides, teachers, healers and thinkers that merge with your kind to provide them insight, to give them a working tool… which hopefully will enable them to rise above their own limited self-awareness, and aggressive behaviors which are based on separatism, egotism, condemnation and competitiveness. To emerge and become, or to ascend to a higher state of awareness the individual has to begin to accept responsibility for the consequences of their gossiping, fearing, doubting, and thinking that they exist separate from the whole… in other words their own choices and behaviors. Each act, each behavioral choice, how you think about yourself and how you think of others, how you treat yourself, and how you treat others… indeed, these things cause the web of awareness, the universal expression of origins and life to readapt and change. All life is connected. What has happened within your history leaves vibrational imprints upon the land mass where events occur… good or bad. Your choices, behaviors, and the way you treat each other and one another leave imprints within you, on your life, and it maps how well you will live with yourself and your deeds. Indeed. These are your terms, good or bad.
Let us, the Michel give you a few examples. What happened from 1939 to 1945, do you recall you own global history? And prior to that the world’s history and what happened between nations, which are made of people… people who make choices. We are speaking of the time when the collective-nations finally defeated Germany and then that energy came full circle and magnified itself … think on this. It became apparent what human-kind can do… and what they will allow to take seed. And then no one asked; ‘What will you do when they come for you?’ And, eventually those who take power always come for the others who do not have power.

The land masses themselves have been affected geographically, economically and socio-politically. The people who live upon and within those lands also have been affected, for generations. See how little was learned… there were genocides regarding the: Jews, Serbs and Romani people, Native Indians throughout the globe, Iraqi Kurds, and in Rwanda, and now in Syria and ongoingly within the Middle-East. You have to be taught to hate. You are made to love, even as a child you are trusting and loving, then over time that is beaten out of you. For some literally, and for some figuratively. But, by the time you become an adult you have formed strong and deeply embedded views and opinions. Good or bad, they exist within you and are the results of how you have been taught to become. It is easier to forget your history, than be accountable for it. Now, think of this on a more personal level. Indeed.
Woman: So what you’re saying is that we cause the world’s events?

Michel: Yes, indeed. But, so much more. You are the architects of humanity. There are forces that want you to remain divisive. This is so you will never come to embrace the truth about your personal awareness and personal-power, let alone want you to manifest through a cohesive group dynamic. Plausible deniability… have you not notice how you are becoming more and more dependent on the unknown and unseen and not on your own abilities? How many of you have these mobile phones on you here tonight? Many. Think about all they can do and all the information they hold… now ask, where is that information for millions upon millions being stored and for what reason.
Have you ever treated someone in a way that you knew wasn’t right? But you chose mindfully, or reactively, to treat someone badly, coldly, restrictively, and otherwise unkindly without thought to the consequences it could have on them. Maybe it was someone close to you? Yes? Indeed. Then later, you begin to feel distant, detached, alone and perhaps remorseful because later, only later, after your actions you became aware of the impact of your choice of behavior. Indeed. You live knowing exactly who you are… and you spend your life justifying the person you have become. Such are the consequences of chosen behaviors.


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