Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Channeling and Words of Inspiration

Every strand of action is recorded on a vibrational level, alikened to music that is played in the celestial heavens. These waves of music play out the story of your life and you thought, perhaps, this was going to be the time that herein we would unpack our thoughts so you wouldn’t have to work to learn that which is contained within. Hum. You get proportionately out of something that which you put into it. Live in peaceful ways. Oneness.
You see, there is a balance between action and reaction. Keep the balance and keep the peace. Let one become out of kilter with the other and it will seem as if hell has opened its door to welcome you. You have one foot in the door, and one foot on the break. Which way will you go? Once humanity has forsaken itself the incarnate spirit will be deprived of its own Divine Nature. Negative forces can NOT exist on the Astral Plane or in Divine Countenance. They should not exist within the human condition, but they do, as your beliefs and ways of thinking puts them there.

There is much more to these things and they all speak to your core, and your core development. It is not about a reward and punishment system. It, these premises, or ways of thinking, are about being on center with who you are... accepting yourself... and realizing you are a perfect being at one within the universe and part of it. The Law of Attraction is not about ‘attracting’ in a sense what you are in harmony with, because of the way you think, moreso it is the focal point of your learning about yourself. The Law of Attraction is not a generational law that is really embodied in any religious text, but moreso in new age text… at least not in a specifically mentioned way. But we can look at it to see its application. We have been taught culturally or socio-religiously that ‘Through Spirit and God all things are possible.’
Once you are in alignment with Spirit, or your greater sense of God, all things are possible. Why? Because, you are firmly rooted within yourself. You know who you are, you know what you are about, and you know that Spirit and God, does not make mistakes or ‘errors’ in its intention.

Spirit and your greater God is one in the same as Universal Mind, or Universal Intelligence. When you are in alignment with your inner being, being self-accepting, being self-loving and of reasonable mind with others, you can develop your skill set, your natural calling. We know the power of positive thinking, which means thinking in positive ways, not self-serving ways. Through positive thinking you align with your true sense of self, your inner-spiritual being.

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