Thursday, July 3, 2014

How you speak outwardly, is how your soul hears you speaking to it through its journey of consciousness.

“Michel, can you clarify The Law of Attraction?”


We, Michel, will share with you gently that you have been schooled by many in the misuse and misinterpretation of The Law of Attraction. If you are meant to draw anything to you it is the basic universal concept of expansion, which means that you can ever-presently draw to you the essence of love and the expansion of universe existence and life. This means you are conceived to learn, designed to adapt and… live to learn. 


The universe does not know good or bad, it does not reward or punish - it exists and functions through the expression of existence and expansion. All life is meant to: survive, adapt, re-adapt, learn and to expand outwardly through its soul expression. This has NOTHING to do with life circumstances, life events, or material wants. You do not randomly draw them to you. You do not passively draw them to you because of how you think or because of the thoughts you have. The universe has NOTHING to do with the way you think and the aftermath of those thoughts. Nothing.


You are a soul, within a physical body. It is the body that has the mindful awareness, not the soul. The soul is the animater of the beingness.


Awareness. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Reward and punishing and your thinking. These processes are not even related. You have many thought throughout your day… good moods, and bad moods, good days and bad days… these are about you, your choices, your moods, and how you choose to act and react - all of which are directly connected to your personality, the mind you have, the brain you use, and how you choose to validate your experiences… or blame others or yourself… or be passive aggressive, or aggressively minded. Sometime you may become so upset with your friend, partner, lover, or associate you may think anything but kind thoughts regarding them. They are just thoughts. Emotional charged awarenesses. What immediate global chaos there would be if thought activated consequence. The universe plays no part in the consequence of those thoughts. NONE of which are part of the greater universal plan. Again, the universe does not reward or punish. It is an ongoing process of ever-present expansion, and that expansion is naturally occurring and only knows existence.


In the beginning there was the word. In the beginning there was sound. In the beginning there was fusion, energy, and the spark of an expression that is constantly moving outward without guilt or shame, without reward or punishment and without consequence. The Law of Nature is to do no harm with intent. The Law of Nature is to adapt and to survive and to ensure existence. Look at life, all the life around you and yet it does not seek validation. All beingness wants to ensure its existence… no one and no living thing wants to die or be punished, or be harmed. All beingness wants to - LIVE !!! The seasons change. Plants grow, bloom, pollinate and share their beauty. Poison Ivy did not attract its reactive oil to it to infect those who might come in contact with it. The snake that bites does so when it is threatened to protect or survive. But, you, yes you, have the ability to think and to choose. You can weigh your options. How often have you heard someone say, “I can be a real bitch…”, or someone say, “I can be a real bastard…”, well they are telling you exactly how they plan on acting out and who they are - they are choosing to so define themselves. We will remind you that you should not say bad things about yourself, in front of yourself, or others.

You are genetic beings that are physical beings within this third-dimensional life and being so you are subject to many things including illness, bad timing, poor choices, and even joy.


There is a saying that as you think you are. But moreso, as you think you become. This is proactive. It is about how you choose to act or react, and it is about your physiological and psychological make-up combined with many other factors. And it is about your genetics and breeding. Yes, breeding. Why is it that you can speak about breed dogs for show, horses for racing and yet when it comes to humans you think this doesn’t apply? If the agreement is to be consistent then would not all those other living things regardless of species or type, bacteria, or organism, ‘draw to them’ their lifetime experiences… so everything from the daisy, to the poison ivy, to the dog and horse, and on and on, somehow esoterically are to be blamed for drawing to them their existence, or fortune, and or misfortune to them by how they think? Such foolishness. Yes, the poison ivy grew in order to one day have you spray it with a systemic plant killer. The dog or cat that was euthanized created that reality because it needed to learn the experience of death and somehow it drew it to them. Foolishness. It is as simple as this; there is a nature to all things and sometimes that is all it is. Nothing more, nothing less. There is - randomness.     


Such thinking! Now let’s start with the basics. First, you are an independently minded physical third-dimensional being that has a soul. Secondly, that soul may have had many prior lives and yet many future lives, but within this physical body you have only one brain and memory and that is limited to this body within this lifetime. You don’t get the benefit of the soul’s memory or even retrieval because the soul as an extension of universal consciousness’s function is to expand its awareness for ascension and not for material gain.  Finally, you get to choose to select, here and now within this life, and to change your mind as many times as you desire to learn and to try and raise you consciousness.


The next reminder is that you are co-creators. You are the God, if you will, of your life, for you choose. You are the supreme architect of your life. You choose how to respond to the good news and bad new within your life. You can be bitter or joyful. You can be sour or grateful. No one else makes these choices for you. You can choose to act in honorable ways, to be decently minded, and to co-create with others in a beneficial manner to strive to the highest and greatest good. Or not. Period.


Sounds harsh. Is that not what you are thinking? But does it? If you realize that there is no super-natural way of surmounting your life and your life experiences you begin to realize that you can become proactive within your own co-creational process. You can set the path. You can see the vision. You can plan for that success. You can change the dynamic.


The universe is ever part of your inner-verse. The atoms and electrons are alikened to the sun and the planet’s which orbit it. People like to hear that whatever their recovery or issues are, that they will be painless and easy. A quick answer. There is none. None. Not one. And there you are signing up for yet another feel good seminar and that is fine, for people gather to feel good and within that feel good moment an awakening can happen. A spark can ignite. But a time comes when you need to start putting what you are learning into action. But that feel good wares off and soon you need another fix to misdirect your mindful intent.


Start by being mindfully intent of what you need to do to correct your path and set yourself straight. Let go. Forgive. Let that universal consciousness of ever-expansion flow downward through your crown chakra and let its warmth fill your awakened mind with radiant warmth. Let that feeling flow through you washing away all conflicting thought, all blockages, all fear, and let it flow freely down through you into mother-earth where it dissipates into nothing… nothingness. For Divine Mind knows no error and within Divine Mind there is no conflict and there is no need for material validation.


All you have is within you. This is so simple and like with all simple thing so difficult because you have to learn to let go. Just let go. Turn it over. Release it. And then breathe it out, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Wipe the tears, and focus. No one is going to do the work for you and if others can do it so too can YOU!


Your mind can comprehend unlimited realizations. When you think you reform your brain’s neuro-pathways. Thought opens the mind and training your mind to think in rightful healing ways may be contradictory to your natural inclinations. Your being is vitally important because it exist as a physical manifestation of the universe. Your being as it is… is where universal energy has collapsed in upon itself to give you form, to manifest the you that now is. It is your mortal mind that fools you into thinking there are limitations.


As we, Michel, look in upon you, you are not as you see yourselves. You give yourselves the form that you have convinced yourself that you are worthy of having. When you look in the mirror you see the physicality that your mind projects forward through the experiences that have taught you to perceive yourself as you see yourself within that one-dimensional reflection. You are not this. You are always of the greatest and highest good. There are many levels of consciousness and awareness. You can only perceive the level that you allocate to yourself through your belief and you are taught that belief through how you have been treated and by how you treat others. How often have you knowingly treated someone badly who was good to you? And, have you do anything to right that? Have you made any attempt to heal those you have hurt through your own thoughtlessness? You choose how you want to be. So, simple. And there is the rub, as you say.


You are the message, you are the truth, you are the manifestation of your own inner truth that you have chosen to embrace and bring forward. How you speak outwardly, is how your soul hears you speaking to it through its journey of consciousness. Michel


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Temple of Love and Light

Start sharing, stop being suspicious.

We, Michel, have always taught you to believe in yourself, you NEVER have to stand on someone's back to stand tall. These old sayings have truth laced within them. Sharing knowledge and networking is sharing abundant awareness. The universe is so plentiful no one should ever feel threated, insecure or selfish. The more you give, the more you share, the more you have to draw from. Kindness goes a long way in healing. Being nice takes little energy and it actually feels good. Think about the energy some people put into being negative and controlling. All that perfectly good energy and that is how they choose to use it. Indeed. It takes such little energy to walk away, to let go, to be sincere, to smile, and then go on with your own life.

 When someone is kind to you, they smile at you, or reach out to you and are pleasant, well, it may because that is just how they are... pleasant... and it may have NOTHING to do with them being sexually attracted to you, or them being out to get something from you... those things reflect your own insecurities. How many of you think - 'I know they want me!', 'I know they want something from me!' Really... Stop being so suspicious and thinking you are the end all - life is too short and it won't get you anywhere.

There are some folks who are struggling with their endeavors, having a hard time making ends meet, and yet they become self-protecting, and think that another person, any person, is going to 'steal' their income, one up them, is after their money (when they usually have little - and that is one reason they are so fearful), or that someone is going to steal their following, when those other people could give them a hand up (like others had given them)... that thinking only leads to lackage and more instability - it is based in self-doubt and fear. Why, the universe might just collapse in upon itself and run out of everything. Such silly thinking. And there you have it.

Listen softly, if you can be decent and do the right thing by another, and it doesn't take any skin off you - go for it. No one gets anywhere in life by thinking they can do it all on their own. It takes many hands to build a good life and a stable career. Start sharing, stop being suspicious, and start living a life that is truly abundant. Yes, yes, all puffed up and nowhere to go. It is time to realize that there is so much, so much vastness, that there is no way, there is no possible way that there is remote scarcity or limitation. That is, unless you think there is. Michel

Put your mind on new thoughts.

Do you feel you are stuck. Do you think there is no way out... then perhaps it is time to change your thinking. When you are stuck, so is your thinking. Put your mind on new thoughts, come up with a new idea... then set about learning how to implement that idea.

 ometimes people get caught up in a relationship; they may feel trapped, or dead-ended... then stop... just STOP and observe the dynamic. See what attracted you to that other person in the first place. What was that attraction based in... and then you may begin to see and realize what it was all about.

What significance does the hive and collective have: Within all structures - the family, work, and various groupings, there is purpose and structure if the hive and collective is to survive and function. No one function is any less vital than another. There needs to be many functions and many layers of function to ensure that the work is done and the hive and collective successfully grows. If one part breaks down the hive and collective ceases to be optimally functional. Think of a bee-hive. All are vital to its survival.

Being accepting means truly acknowledging the worth and significance of another... no matter what your difference may be. Those who love you should encourage you. Always strive to be your best. Always reach for the next rung on the ladder... pull yourself up and allow yourself to see the good in yourself. For you will always retain your own identity. If others are not kind... do not even let them have consideration within your thoughts or reality. Michel

A New Day

Aging Well~

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Your life is ongoing, it is a seamless manifestation of Divine Thought.

The things and events of your life are illusions of your beliefs. They only exist because of the importance you give them, and that importance is unique to you and the events in your life that have shaped you… all based on the falsehood of illusion. Life, the universe is organized and a system of akash, cause and effect, or dimensionality; if you move here than something moves there. If you think you have a scratch then you get the inch. Thinking. Thought.

Beginnings. You have grown up under varied ridged religious beliefs. Underlying all those beliefs is the power of consciousness and the universal premise of constant universal expansion. Your beliefs, thoughts, and ideologies therefore can NOT be limiting, by your very nature you are living a life that is based in the constant expansion of awareness. Expansion.

The language you use is important because it shapes your inward view of yourself and your outward view of others. Use words and language that are more: positive, accepting, aware and respectful of yourself and then you will begin to see a difference in how other relate to you.

Do not refer to yourself in unkind ways; don’t refer to yourself as: stupid, fat, unattractive, when you speak about yourself in demeaning ways it sends a signal to others that you don’t respect yourself and therefore it is alright for them to think lesser of you than you already do. You matter. You are NOT disposable. You are a significant being. Speak about yourself in kind, dignified, and respectful ways.

Words have power. Words have meaning; they communicate to others the context of life you place yourself within. How often, off the cuff, do you refer to yourself, in less than nurturing ways? Be here and now, be within your moment and bring to your inner-child the respect and love you would want yourself to have. Be fearless. Be aggressive in the practice and you will discover how good it feels to begin the process of taking your self-empowerment back.

Reality and your real life is what you experience. It is what you know. You can shape this by realizing: the intent and impact of how you project yourself and your image forward, and by how receptive other people are to their perception of you and how they then subsequently react to you. This can be your greatest learning tool.

Synchronicity is the subtle, oftentimes symbolic, and unexplained occurrences within your life that offer proof that the universe is working within your life, and that all experiences are happening at once.

So much may seem like distortion or bizarre thinking and reasoning. Perhaps things may seem unbelievable, but within these perceptions aren’t right or wrongs, but ways to evolve your thinking. Sometimes truth is found in deniability or that which escape your own ability to understand it.

Understanding someone is understanding their usage of their perception. Their truth is very much anchored in their understanding of themselves and the world they come from. It is not a matter of right or wrong, it is just a matter of individual existence and how that experience shape who they are. It is different for each.

Allow people their differences; it should be the differences that attract you. For within differences are opportunities for insight, balance, healing and newer ways to understand yourself. How mundane and complacent the world would become if it was too homogenized, to much the same; alike in kind. There is beauty in uniqueness. Allow yourself the entirety of yourself, and of your whole being. Difficulty doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of it.

Your history, not only of this life, but of your past lives play an important part of who you are becoming. As you age, you begin to realize that your journey becomes more limited. You begin to focus on your needs and perhaps not your dreams. Things you put away revisit you as unexpected memories. Age; this is about how your perceive yourself. Youth is an experience of the soul.

What defines you? Your looks, your character, your friends, what you have, or the position you think you have within your social grouping and the power it brings you? Perhaps none of these things should define any one person. You are more than your looks and looks fade over time and through life circumstance, friends can be elusive, you can lose the material things you have, and with position comes responsibility; the hardest things is to accept yourself as you are, because with that comes vulnerability.

Pride.  Always be proud of yourself. Even when you doubt yourself, and everyone does, embrace your inner dignity. You may be in a mentally or physically abusive relationship. You may think that all you have to offer is your physicality. YOU are so much MORE. Carry yourself with dignity and pride. KNOW you are significant, you matter, and that you are the only wondrous being like you.

Trust, like respect, is earned over time and by being consistent. Be fair, be non-condemning and allow each person their own path. Leave your heart open and always believe in the good in others. But, you don’t have to risk your own wellness by being around those who would not share a sense of authenticity with you.  You must treat yourself in respectful ways. You should always speak about yourself in the best of ways.

Nothing in nature makes excuses for itself. All things within nature are unique and beautiful, and each thing within nature has purpose.  Within you is the face of God, the potential of the universe and the beauty of perfection.

The world as you now know it is changing and it is shedding its karmic past, realigning itself to a newer sense of equilibrium.  The middle-east is the arising moon that will shape the emerging decades. You are far, and distant, from having the ability to share your collective sense of global humanity. The intensity you are sensing is the universe’s way of getting your attention.

The breakdown of economics, and global markets, is a means of bringing forth a healing crisis that will redirect your focus, in an attentive way, back toward the non-material. You are the same beings cut from the same cloth, all of whom desire the same things:  equality, dignity, to be loved and to love, to have wellness, and the basics like: clean water, food, and shelter.

Your world and planet is like a library where actions and behaviors, the way you act, and what you become, are being shaped upon the planet itself and stored within its emotional reserve. You have to restructure and rethink the way your societies and religions work.

This is the time of emerging awareness and of what you would call the God thought, which is the power that exists within your beliefs, and how those beliefs become contagious. Like a disease is contagious so is thinking. Thought. Thinking that is disharmonious and exclusive tears societies apart rather than healing them. The way you have been thinking and acting has created the placement of energies  where your societies no longer sit it alignment within their beliefs in a harmonious manner. Like and disease the host sits about to heal itself and remove that which is making it sickly. And this is why you are living within the hostel world you now find yourself. It begins with beliefs, which become embedded within self-validating behaviors. It is the rigidity of your ideas and fears that keep you locked in place; this is what limits the unlimited potential within you.

Humankind was first created as man and woman both. Then the form was separated from the design and the function became the identity. But, within you, is the awareness of: male and female. The expression of who you are, and how you are, is ever changing. Who you are and how you are and the life you occupy is much bigger, grander and more significant than you could ever imagine.

You must change, transform and adapt to newer considerations and beliefs. From chaos comes the ability to restructure. This is a very critical time; it is the time of – choice. Do what is right for the higher good. Do what is right to create peaceful moments that are respectful. Never look back with regret. You are MORE than your looks. You are MORE than your appearance. If you are trapped thinking that you have to be a certain way, or that by looking a certain way you will be popular, find love, and become content… think again. No outward appearance can change the inward condition.

Begin inside and work outward. Like – yourself. Truly, learn to like yourself. If you can like yourself then you can begin to find a sense of peace. It is through peace that you can begin to respect all others and their regionalized ways of being. You are not a world of separate beings, but of different beings that have been shaped by many influences: topography, climate, your histories, your cultures, and your regionality. You try to understand the smallest atom, and are unable to grasp that ever eluding thought that life always reduces itself and re-manifests itself, therefore how can you ever understand spirit? For where you are upon your planet is based on reason and purpose. There are differences because when you were seeded here, upon this dimension plane, you were sit forth because there was something unique about you that lent you to successful living within that region. But, as your world grew you exploited those you did not understand, or appeared differently than yourselves.

The way you think, your mindfulness, and the attention you give something becomes the focus of your intent. Transform your thinking into higher thoughts; think in ways that free your mind from limitation. Embrace your potential. Indeed. These things are not about one faith or one religion, as there is one Source, and one Origin that connects all life and all living things. You get to decide the type of person you are becoming. You CAN change your way of thinking, you CAN change your behaviors; and you CAN begin renewed. Jesus was a man, not unlike - you, who happened to embodied and exemplified the highest human concept of the perfect being. Jesus is inseparable from The Christedness Energy and Christ; each individual has the choice to exemplify the qualities and characteristics they choose. You, yes, you are ‘one in the same’ as this vibrational alignment of deliberate intent.

At this point in your short memory you can only retain that which relevant to this lifetime.  The story of who you are and how you became is that which exists beyond this current memory. You are here within the great resource of beingness to learn that which has been magnetized to this planet. The rich minerals, waters, and atmospheric conditions were so ideal that you were placed within this Garden of Eden. The Gan Edan, or The Garden of Eden, is not a specific location, but the entirety of your fertile planet. Each of the surviving species as their suns went nova placed a modified version of themselves within regional areas of this planet that would ensure their survival. A nursery. Indeed. A garden. Your planet, the one you are ripping apart through war, dissonance, and anger is the most sacred place within the universe itself. For here, the library of all universal knowledge and beingness was placed. This is not a physical library of books, but one of souls. Within you, within your DNA, is all that was and all that will become.

For it is within your nature to desire, to want, to become more but these emotions have to be tempered. For there is a living spirit within all things. There is a greater voice, a sense of existence that flows from the cosmos to you, and that is within the very nature that surrounds you. You have not listened to that voice within you, so you must now listen to that voice as it speaks out to you from your planet. Within you, is that which IS, was and will become. From floral to fauna, from mineral to sea and air there is life and the story of life. You are connected to all things and to each other. As you treat others speaks to how well you respect yourselves, individually and collectively.

When what you would call God, or The Christedness Energy became aware of itself it became aware of the world of duality you exist within. The struggle between the need and the want, the Mortal Mind and Divine Mind, the Spirit and the Material became relevant as there was no way to identify within those experiences. YOUR personal experience becomes about these very learning processes. You are learning about the relationship that exists between the physical and the non-physical. As with all emerging thoughts and learning processes there are different vibrational levels or levels of maturity and growth.

Those upon the earth plane and those within the spiritual plane are not in alignment as their state of consciousness exists at different vibrational levels. Within this there is a wondrous opportunity to learn higher ways of beingness. One is tied to the physical plane and material reality and the other is not, it is of the ethereal and Spirit. As the events upon your planet in these coming days play out the universe will react. You have the ultimate freedom of free will and free choice. Indeed, you get to choose how you are becoming. This is not about religions, as religions exist to reinforce ideologies that were meant to serve as basic laws to guide your evolution; but now, here and now, you have forgotten the one premise that truly matters most and that is, you are all of Oneness.
The concept of Oneness is not just about you… all about you, what is that saying; ‘It is all about me.’, not so. This concept of Oneness is about your shared sense of collective responsibility. You are collectively responsible for each other and one another’s wellness and well-being. To heal this world, to heal your planet you must begin to respect each other’s differences. Those differences exist for a reason. As we have said you all desire to be loved, and to love. You mourn and grieve during loss and death. You celebrate during birth, life and during those special moments that have significance to you. It does not matter your color, your regionality, your religious preference or gender… or anything else. Indeed. You are all of flesh, bone and blood. You are born, you all will die. You all will celebrate and you all will grieve.  Your Oneness is that which binds you to each other. That Oneness is your sense of dignity and humanity.  Here and now; decide how you want to live between the beginning, birth, and the ending, death.

Usually when someone or even a society negates another, it is because they feel more powerful or more entitled.  But in the end to win because of power or entitlement is to win over nothingness. There is no winning, there is only shared loss. For when you are demonstratively subjugating it lowers your vibrational awareness and dampens the souls of those around. You cannot measure success by loss.

Something as simple as this is an example of how misunderstanding can occur. If you are out going about your chores or day and someone looks you ‘up and down’ and just smiles at you; you may think, ‘What is their problem?’, they may be thinking of who you remind them of, that you are good looking and well put together, or that seeing you brought up a random past memory within them, or they just may find you attractive. How often do you just smile back? Something as simple as a smile can cause so many reactions. Something as simple as a smile may have the potential of upsetting you. You see, your reaction may be based in your own fear or insecurity. You may think the other person is being smug, or coming on to you and all it was all prompted by a smile. If a smile has the potential of creating misunderstandings then think about how insecure within yourself you must truly feel. So we say, learn to like yourself, learn to love yourself, learn to be secure within yourself.

If you are secure within yourself then nothing and no one can make you feel insecure, or trapped, or victimized. The power of a smile, the power of being secure enough to accept a smile and the power of being able to smile back at someone is the power of healing. How deeply do you long to be loved, yet you don't let yourself be accessible to love, because it may not have the packaging you imagined. How much do you want the perfect relationship, yet you reject those who would be attracted to you? You can change packaging, and you can redefine a relationship. Allow yourself to explore the potential of being cared for. If you so judge others; then others will judge you. Being attractive is alright, but you see, the illusion of it is all others may see. All this is so subjective. How about just being yourself and simply being honest about it. Perhaps, you should consider that you, YOU... are enough. You are all you have to give.

Male or female… younger or older: Think beautiful thoughts, dream dreams of love and passion; spark your creativity and co-create with all that is around you. The key to life is the expression of love.

The knowing and light of God is within each person; your inner angel speaks to you, your inner truthfulness will not allow you settle for an unfulfilled life. You time has come to approach your life with joy. Be a light of truth so others may follow you through your example of well living. Live through your higher-self, through your inner-knowing, through compassionate understanding. Choose to walk with angels, with joy, and turn from anger, fear, and all that you would become lost within. You are loved.

Let go of behaviors that are blocking you from achieving your goals. When you dumb down yourself, and sabotage yourself, you lower your vibrational level. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t dumb yourself down. Allow yourself to be true to who you are, this will stabilize your vibrational and emotional expression of self.

Your intention maps the destination of your life. When you think you are motivated by re-action, when you act first and think later, when you emotionally self-sabotage remember that this is just a pattern of familiarity.  Show your true self, allow your real self to guide you. Discover new patterns of self-discovery. Ask… prayers are answered. Reclaim that aspect of Divine Mind you have forgotten to speak to. Simply, ask.

Your life is ongoing,  it is a seamless manifestation of Divine Thought. The reality is that everything thing you need is already put in place for you to succeed. Trust the existence of your life. Have faith, believe and know that everything you need in already in place for you to succeed. Faith. Love. Belief.

Problems are an illusion that are not natural to you. Living through committed intention allows you to demonstrate your belief. Become conscious of the power you have through your faith and belief to live a life that is free from conflict. All you need is there, ask, accept, and allow yourself to fulfill your potential. Michel

When you love another moreso than yourself you can begin to heal the world.

Michel, there seems to be more crime and descent happening today, why is this going on?

This is a very valid question. We would ask you… how do you learn to covet? Then answer is simple, by seeing things you feel deprived of each day. It is also that people feel hopeless. They feel trapped. This is the issue, the complexity, the misgivings of ‘Treasure Maps’, or ‘Affirmation Boards’, you are reminding yourself of what material things you do NOT have rather than being grateful for what you DO have.

When you look around you and you see unemployment and you can’t afford the right foods to nourish you, or clothes to cover you, or you lack money to live… then of course you become angry and covet. You have to think ahead, time passes quickly, and you have to work toward goals.

How do you afford to live? How do become educated enough to earn a living? Educated enough… this does not mean academic education, but perhaps life education, where you can see a need and fill it. We know of one person who started a landscaping company in their thirties… they tied rakes and large rubbish cans to their Mustang and did yard clean ups. Now, they are very comfortable… they grew their business. We often say small steps.

You have to have hope. You have to have ambition… you have to try. It is like life… you do not know what the future holds, but you have to plan for it by living well – now. You don’t have an expiration date on your foot… no, you don’t. So, you will not die today… one day, you will. But perhaps not today. And there is another way of thinking and that way says you will never die, because you have eternal life. Find a means to; hope.

If you can believe you can see a chance of surviving or achieving then that is what you want to focus on. So many – today, feel hopeless. They don’t see the probability for success or achievement around them… it is like when someone is struggling to swim and all they see is water. Sometime you need someone to show you the land. If you can see a clear path then there is – hope.

You have to believe. First of all, believe in yourself. Secondly, you have to be hungry. You have to WANT something; the goal. Then you have to take small bites, or small steps, and with each step you come closer and closer to attaining that goal. Most of all you are learning while working toward that goal.

Life is a series of cycles. Life is very much about the values you place on and how you personally enjoy it. There is no ending. 'Passages' are the life changing moments or the life altering experiences you have. What matters most is what you learn from them and how you try to raise those experiences to higher levels of respect.

You are an infinite soul within a finite existence. Live forever - ageless, for you have eternal life.

The belief in spiritual identity is reaffirmed by those who have experienced Near Death Experiences, particle and electron splitting, and the ability through science to demonstrate and show that these are possible and actual occurrences.

"Is there reincarnation?" Yes. We are asked this so often… again and again. You need to be concerned with THIS life, here and now, not what was – then and in the past. Indeed, the soul cycles through many lifetimes as a means of learning and elevating its awareness. We are always asked about this. Reincarnation is about the life –cycles of the soul, not about your personal experience. This is about the process of an undefinable energy that exists beyond the comprehension of the human-mind.

We are often asked: "Can I come back as an animal?" No. Now, why would you, come back as a lesser-aware being than you now are? The human-level of awareness is ‘complex’; it is that which climbed up and out of primordial mass. When a soul reaches the level of human and the complexity of being human, it must come back as a human to work through unresolved issues of the past and the complexities that come from having these learning experiences. At the human level you have gained autonomy, and the ability to think about probabilities, likelihoods and use reason to unravel their complex nuances.

"Do I come back as the same gender I am now?" No. Not always. You may come back as either gender, male or female, and have more than likely already experienced these experiences and will again until you work through the issues that remain unresolved regarding them. Oftentimes, the soul-self will learn through various perspectives. Transgendered individuals are those that have integrated their dualistic past-lives to a level where they need to explore the conscious choice making process where they can choose to align themselves within their correct modality of being and experience the awareness of what it is like to be a specific gender while becoming the other gender. Man, woman, and both at once – then Oneness, with the present-memory of the past while still consciously aware of this life journey.    

"When someone dies do they come back immediately?" No. Not necessarily. As with conception there are stages with these experiences. From birth, through aging and then death there are cycles that are associated with each of these stages in your development. There is no measure of time that correlates with your 'human', third-dimensional measure of time. Upon death and spirit release, there may be what you would consider long periods of time till reincarnation or rebirth. These time frames range from 50 years, to 100 years or 1,000 years of your time measurement. However, children, those who die suddenly, those who die in accidents and suicides come back faster to aide humanity and those who would suffer the same. These spirit-beings come back as manifested 'angels' or 'guides'. No in saying this, we will say, that as time is speeding up and the awareness  of life becomes more integrated into the global conscious awareness the soul many immediately come back or transferee its awareness into another physicality; walk-ins are an example of this process.

"What does this all mean? What is reborn? Is it like Christians who are reborn?" The meaning is simple. To be reborn is to leave your known, present personality behind and emerge to a pure form of spirit. It is nothing, nothing like the usage of being born again, as a contemporized Christian would use it. Remember there is NO one religion. You may take charge of your life and rise up out of the bondage of addiction. There are many forms of enslavement and personal torment; alcohol addiction, drug addiction and sexual addictions. But with mindful awareness and personal perseverance you may choose to rise-up and behave in a healthier manner.

Reborn, also reminds us being born again or of resurrection... the door to reformation and change is always open. You have choice. You have the ability to look at yourself and your behavior and readjust your way of thinking and living so you have a more beneficial life.

The tendencies and character and life experiences, especially those not learned well, are assimilated into the spirit of the person and are reborn with them in the next life. Unlike memories which like personality is left behind. There may be from time to time shadows or echoes of familiarity to help you and enable you to better resolve those lessons you need to work on.

Over a series of life times the individuality and identity of the person becomes more certain and more shaped toward a higher functioning self, removed from the pettiness of the mundane.

"What about my soul?" Your… soul? Indeed. You are a soul. You think you are a body. The soul acquires a physical body to work through. Indeed. This is it all. If you take anything else away, take this. You are a soul with a body, NOT a body that has a soul. The soul is the weightless part of yourself that cannot be fully or adequately explained. It is like the electricity that lights the bulb, you know it is there but you cannot fully explain it… moreso, it may be like the glow the blub gives off for it provides light where there was darkness.

"Are the memories I have from time to time when I think someone is familiar a past life recall?" You do not recall past memories. The soul acquires a physical body, that specific body has a specific brain. The influences and impacts that genetically become part of you with each rebirth remains in part in essence with a part of your spirit. At the time of your death you will recall and see the past lives you have had in a fleeting moment of your time, as all time and all experiences are ongoing and connected. Remember we said that your life is a process of cycles. Now we will tell you that this recall at the time of death is part of your life review and individual evolution. At times you may get window of awareness or a sense that something is familiar and that is soul recall. We also call this the voice of the inner-landscape, your intuition.
"So why is reincarnation real? I mean it sounds like a story?" Indeed. You are all connected to ONE root, like a tree. You branch out in search for your individuality. Hence, this is where you are directed back to the awareness of source and it is how you overcome your human obstacles that determine if you merge back to The Divine or God-Heart. Life is a process not limited to this conscious awareness but intrinsically linked to the journey of the soul throughout its process. This process is about learning, adapting and coping.

Your humanity is separate from your sense of true brother-sisterhood. You are being guided toward an underlying reality you pull away from. Each of you learns individually and has individual experiences and it is through your ability to master them that you create a collective consciousness which increases your individualized perfection, also increasing your self-awareness. It is about becoming self-aware. You are all the same – humankind. But you are vastly different because of your personal experiences. You are all the same through your physicality, yet different through your perception of it.

Take a moment and clear your mind. There is a saying, "The seed you sow you will reap." When you plant a garden think ahead... it is like this with thoughts... how you think and what you think are part in-whole the reality you create. Like minded gets like-minded. Birds of a feather. All bees buzz around their hive. You are the causation of your life and when we say this we, Michel, are speaking to the quality of life you have, not the events of your life, for those may be subject to indeterminate variables that we, Michel, may not be able to adequately explain to you. But, for the most part, how you act and how you behave will have a great influence on how others react to you and co-create with you.

With this is mind create a garden of clear crystals within your mind where only the clear radiant light of love and positive affirmation can take root and grow.

Allow these new thoughts to grow into wondrous deeds of tolerance and compassion for yourself and for all others you interact with.

In the creating process you define who you are and what you are. It is also important to know that you actions have undetermined consequences. You, without meaning it co-create with everyone you interact with, even the action of watching something changes that which is being watched... and the person observing it. The desire of inner perfection is nothing more than a reflection of the Divine aspect of you that is already within you.

Hear your inner voice and stand on the foundation of your belief system. Beliefs are subtle things. They are shaped over a lifetime, and only become malleable when they are challenged through an unseen or unexpected circumstance.

Victims are often comfortable in the role of victim. It is easy to say you never had a chance. The odds were against you and that you just can't get beyond something. If you believe it to be so, guess what... it becomes so. Many people live their life being negative. Each day is a struggle and each moment has difficulty. We would aliken the victim mindset to that of what you would all a negative thinker, someone unable to get outside of their own perception of self. For even in the worse situation an individual can find a means of peaceful understanding. Some of the greatest minds like Stephen Hawking the theoretical physicist have travel distances greater than those who can walk and looked at life through a universal perspective. We, Michel, would gently suggest that perhaps you will get more out of your life if you can see the world in a perspective that isn’t singularly link to your own perception. 
There is a relationship between victim and victimizer. They both need each other to complete a process. Now when we, Michel, say there is a relationship between these two assigned roles we do not mean that it is necessarily pre-chosen and we do believe that there is also a high degree of randomness to any event that happens between individuals. It takes a lot for all the factors leading up to a point of impact to come together.

No soul choses to learn through negative experiences. The soul is a high vibrational force that is here to learn... it is the human mind and the individual that may only be able to learn through beating itself up, difficulty, or ongoing challenges. But the victim and victimizer do not pre-arrange in any way on a soul or spirit level to learn through negative experiences. These situations are about the individual leaning and choosing about their own reactions, sense of forgiveness, and how they want to live their life.

There is always a reason to justify anything if you want to escape responsibility for yourself and how you come to terms with any give situation. And decision can have irreversible consequences; this is why you should carefully consider how you react to something. Outside your perception of reality nothing really exists, for your perception of even the truth is filtered through your own experiences and beliefs.

So, when I say relationship I mean it in the way that individuals view themselves in relation to the events in their life. And it is through this very process of self-identification that at a certain point the 'victim' can choose to STOP being a victim. To do this you need to address your self-esteem issues and that means putting yourself into a healthy environment that reaffirms the positive qualities of life. Logic and reason cannot be applied to emotions. Emotions are only experienced and perceived by the individual, so truth then become and inconsistent variable of reality.

When you fully believe through your affirmation of faith that you are the very reflection of Divine Mind, and that is the aspect of self being aware that they are one with God, disease cannot be real. Error is of mortal thought and sustained by the corporeal body. However, the physical can only sustain so much impact, illness or sickly thinking until it can no longer repair itself and then the damage is done. Think of driving your car without any oil in it... the oil comes on and reminds you that you need oil, but yet you continue to drive the car until the engine stops... no longer able to function. If you abuse and mistreat yourself, your instrument, then one day it may not work as well as you would like it to.

You know when you are getting warnings that something is wrong and oftentimes you ignore them and place yourself in situations that are just not right for you. Learn to trust your inner voice and not feed your limitation or fear. Self-trust is intrinsic to living a rewarding and satisfying life. 

Recently within your respective cultures the power structure has become slanted to serve the elite segments of a hidden society and that dominant species has its own agenda. Your one voice when applied with rigorous conviction and global awareness can beneficially alter the course of human-kind and unite societies of peoples. You, yes, you, can make a huge difference. Today you can see that power-based agenda come to full circle to where people are losing their individual rights to: healthcare, land, property, business and acquiring savings to further their own family lineage to fill the globalization plan of the social elite. This should be brought to a stop, and it should be kept within the forefront of your minds. If you are to survive and maintain your own sense of dignity and awareness and autonomy you have to be aware of how you are all connected. The nuclear arms race continues... the question you should be concerned with is: Why does one build what one does not intend to use?

Privacy will be impeded and individual rights diminished for the 'good and safety' of others. Hidden government sectors will be configured to conceal more and agencies will become more faceless. Body parts will be cloned for healing and repair. Invasive surgeries will become less and more will be done with ozone, ionizations and cellular implants from cloned 'good' cells and harvested cells. Birth defects will become a thing of the past. Hormone therapies will prevent many illnesses. Longevity will increase. With and through time comes both: that which is beneficial and that which generates further learning lessons.

 Country's boarders, including your own, will change due to natural disasters and the merging of nation-states. Individual's thought will manifest faster and beliefs will become realities. Equal marriages will be known for all individuals. Races will become more integrated and there will be less detectable differences in ethnicities.  As it should become: Oneness. There is Oneness, a connection that is shared between all peoples. It is not about the right kind of person or people; it is about your collective story, the unfolding story of humanity. Come together thought your love for humanity. Celebrate your right to personal and social dignity. Speak out and be heard when one falls to injustice. For when you love another moreso than yourself you can begin to heal the world.


The gift of love can be seen in the eyes for within lives the soul.

Michel can you tell me about love?

Love. Indeed. Love. To be loved, To find love. To know love. Or love remised?

Here you are at this moment, thinking back, about your life. One day, perhaps it is this day, you will find yourself thinking of yourself being slimmer, happier,  and in love. You will recall the time you felt the warm of inspiration, the joy of endless hope, and the rapture of another, who you knew, at that one moment, sudden, you connected with the person who made you feel alive and with purpose.

It comes to all. That time. We, Michel, have spoken to you about being an authentic person, an individual who is not out to impress, or be more than they are, but just to be connected to who they are.

Minds drift, like fallen autumn leafs, that float through-out the air without direction, but nonetheless with vibrant color. Memories become companions that age well and always seem brighter than they were. Memories become selective. They are shaped by dreams that were forgotten, and aspirations that were never met. When you sit quietly and open yourself to the echoes of the past you can revisit with tender respect those moment that slipped by, like melting winter ice, giving birth to an awaiting spring.

  There are those who your heart clings to. Time has meaning, resentments, frustrations, yes, they all seemingly reinforce the reason why 'it' didn't work out. But here you, within your present life, and that place by pond where you picnicked still exists, the place where you laughed over senseless things that only made sense to you - still exist. With just that thought, you can regain that sensation of joy and oneness.

What happens is that circumstances and other people's opinions and views influence and cause emotional friction, perhaps out of their jealously, and soon you doubt and become unhappy. Friends betray friends because they covet the happiness and success of them. Life is filled with hurtful oddities, that at the time seem shocking because they seemingly come out of no-where. But if you give it thought, they do make sense, as they are anchored in lackage and fear. The lackage of what you do not have and the fear of not having it. Funny isn't how some chase happiness, and some chase monogamy; these things are values that are measured through appreciation, and  if you haven't learn to be appreciative then disharmony can take root.

Start living right now. Start doing well-meaning things, now. Forgive, yourself. Forgive, those that have hurt you and those you have hurt. Become appreciative for the knowledge you have gained and learned.  You can set right the past, you can correct where you turned left and you should have gone straightly ahead. You have the power and ability to make good the wrongs you have done. Your choices begin and end with you. People CAN change, and for the better. People can learn. There is hope. And you should have a sense of personal dignity in treating yourself and body rightly.

We always start our messages with a theme, a concept, an idea.  Then we, Michel, share aspects of this theme so you can personalize the message in ways that can aide you in your  own self-empowerment. So many are consumed with materialism. So many 'want' this or that, and wish 'wishing-boards' or dream-reminders, photos, and images to 'attract' to them what they want. They want to 'vibrate' at the level of what they want, so it is drawn to them. This is what leads to covetous behaviors, being reminded daily of 'what you do NOT have.' These actions can lead to frustration and misery. Imagine, each day 'wanting' more and other than what you have. A prettier partner, a more handsome partner, a bigger house, a faster car and more money, money, money.  Indeed. How could have person have a appreciation for their life is their eyes are always else-where than within the world that nurtures them.

Perhaps it is time, as we, Michel, say to find an sense of satisfaction and appreciation for your everyday life. For the person who cooks your meals, who listens to your work woes, who helps you forward your life. Perhaps it is time to work together as one, as it was the day you first saw each other. Such passion. Before people, opinions, and self-made obstacles and jealously entered in. Image the unlimited possibilities.

There will always be someone smarter, brighter, more wealthy, and just 'more', than you. It is the nature of human-potential, as it is different for each person. Learning to focus within your life and celebrate in ways that brings union, oneness, and contentedness, give you the ability or go forth from a solid foundation in  a more structured and sensible way.

The gift of love can be seen in the eyes for within lives the soul. When one looks at you, in ways no other can, you know that deeply within them there is 'only a place for you.' Now how well will you, or have you, respected and nurtured that place. Each person comes to be at where they are at any given moment because they were taught to be and react as they do. With love, patience, and understand you can overcome tempers, affairs, betrayals and once you do you will be in a stronger and more secure place than ever before. For each person needs to learn to trust. And you must teach trust by acting in trustful ways and re-writing those past learning experiences into newer experiences of oneness and respect. The sanctity of trust is all. For how can look in eyes that look at you with trust and love knowing you have betrayed that?  You cannot, and therein is the problem, because this is called - guilt. Usually one then sets about looking for arguments and finding fault with the other person, because you want to dissuade yourself of your quilt.  That doesn't work-out too well.

Guilt is another oddity. Indeed. We, Michel, would think that these things are learning sensations. Indeed. If you were to look back over your life, would you rather have ended up stronger and wiser respecting the people within your relationship and having them respect you, or not? When you focus on 'eating crow', accepting blame when it is due, and being vulnerable, you can oftentimes begin to break-down the barriers of hurt. Does it matter who is right or wrong, you may be think, 'Why, yes it does.', but does it? We would suggest to you that perhaps you night feel taller, stronger and more self-aware and self-empowered if you just 'corrected' those moment - regardless, or at least made an attempt to.  You may find that you could potentially rediscover your own human-ity in another, for they too are more than likely struggling with the emotions and feelings. We you gently suggest that this might bring you to a place called - wisdom.

We like this question. Tell us about love. Indeed. Michel

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You meaningfully set out to repeat and reinforce that which you know

All of your Earth-energy and that of the entire universe is connected. There are mentors, guides, teachers, healers and thinkers that merge with your kind to provide them insight, to give them a working tool… which hopefully will enable them to rise above their own limited self-awareness, and aggressive behaviors which are based on separatism, egotism, condemnation and competitiveness. To emerge and become, or to ascend to a higher state of awareness the individual has to begin to accept responsibility for the consequences of their gossiping, fearing, doubting, and thinking that they exist separate from the whole… in other words their own choices and behaviors. Each act, each behavioral choice, how you think about yourself and how you think of others, how you treat yourself, and how you treat others… indeed, these things cause the web of awareness, the universal expression of origins and life to readapt and change. All life is connected. What has happened within your history leaves vibrational imprints upon the land mass where events occur… good or bad. Your choices, behaviors, and the way you treat each other and one another leave imprints within you, on your life, and it maps how well you will live with yourself and your deeds. Indeed. These are your terms, good or bad.

Let us, the Michel give you a few examples. What happened from 1939 to 1945, do you recall you own global history? And prior to that the world’s history and what happened between nations, which are made of people… people who make choices. We are speaking of the time when the collective-nations finally defeated Germany and then that energy came full circle and magnified itself … think on this. It became apparent what human-kind can do… and what they will allow to take seed. And then no one asked; ‘What will you do when they come for you?’ And, eventually those who take power always come for the others who do not have power.

The land masses themselves have been affected geographically, economically and socio-politically. The people who live upon and within those lands also have been affected, for generations. See how little was learned… there were genocides regarding the: Jews, Serbs and Romani people, Native Indians throughout the globe, Iraqi Kurds, and in Rwanda, and now in Syria and ongoingly within the Middle-East. You have to be taught to hate. You are made to love, even as a child you are trusting and loving, then over time that is beaten out of you. For some literally, and for some figuratively. But, by the time you become an adult you have formed strong and deeply embedded views and opinions. Good or bad, they exist within you and are the results of how you have been taught to become. It is easier to forget your history, than be accountable for it. Now, think of this on a more personal level. Indeed.

Woman: So what you’re saying is that we cause the world’s events?

Michel: Yes, indeed. But, so much more. You are the architects of humanity. There are forces that want you to remain divisive. This is so you will never come to embrace the truth about your personal awareness and personal-power, let alone want you to manifest through a cohesive group dynamic. Plausible deniability… have you not notice how you are becoming more and more dependent on the unknown and unseen and not on your own abilities? How many of you have these mobile phones on you here tonight? Many. Think about all they can do and all the information they hold… now ask, where is that information for millions upon millions being stored and for what reason.

Have you ever treated someone in a way that you knew wasn’t right? But you chose mindfully, or reactively, to treat someone badly, coldly, restrictively, and otherwise unkindly without thought to the consequences it could have on them. Maybe it was someone close to you? Yes? Indeed. Then later, you begin to feel distant, detached, alone and perhaps remorseful because later, only later, after your actions you became aware of the impact of your choice of behavior. Indeed. You live knowing exactly who you are… and you spend your life justifying the person you have become. Such are the consequences of chosen behaviors.

Your phone speaks to you, your phone tracks you, your phone holds your appointments and reminds you of appointments you may forget… so you remember less and reply more on technology. Where do you think all this personal information is kept, or stored… not in your individual phone. So, million and millions of individuals are placing their personal empowerment in something so small it fits in their hand, and in something so large it can track and hold information on millions of people - globally.

Think of this how many of you think about something and then it unfolds in the coming days? It is not that you are creating that reaction, but moreso, that you are causing that reaction. Let us, Michel, explain.

You cause the reactions because you reshape your own behaviors to find the results you are expecting within this universal matrix. If you think along the terms of creating, then there is a force through implication that is outside your control because you cannot make something out of nothing… you just can’t. How many of you have lost someone you love, and you wish, and wish, hope and hope, and desire and desire to heal that person and they pass over regardless. There is a natural order and this matrix of energy that exists separate from the human experience and the human expression connects all life and experiences.

How many of you have made deals with God… if I give up this or that, or if I do this or that, then will you God give me this or that? You are making deals with yourself and most of you do not keep or honor those deals, which then resonates within and cause discord between you and your high-self.

You need to be self-responsible and you need to be proactive. You need to STOP giving your control over to unknown and unseen forces. You need to realize that on a human level there is a concept of good or bad and that it is very real. Sometimes bad things happen to good people… not because of the way they think, meaning a random fleeting thought, but moreso because of the randomization of events that play out when you have so very many variables and personalities in play at any one time.

Sometimes when you sit back and dwell on something you cause it because you manifest it through your own beliefs and behaviors. When we say to you that you create directly we are not speaking in a magickal way or in an esoteric way; we are saying that you become your beliefs, and you find comfort in those who share those beliefs and habits. And subsequently you begin to see all of your life through that filter. You meaningfully set out to repeat and reinforce that which you know… good or bad. That is until you learn differently, but those lessons often come at a great price.

Man: I thought all people were create equal and entitled to the same benefits and opportunities in life as any other person. Are you saying this isn’t so?

Michel: Indeed, we the Michel are saying that. It is not so. No two people are born under the same conditions. So therefore they do not have the same opportunities. No two people filter information the same way because it is based on many variables: education, life experience, social status, economics, personal wellness and health issues, gender and on and on. And no two people will resolve any given set of problems the same way. Let’s look at it this way. Yes, ideally it would be beneficial if all people had the same entitlements. But, let’s argue this, and this is a small example; you have set up your governments and social programs to enforce everything else rather than... equality. You are attracted to pretty and handsome people… you desire those you find attractive and you give then entitlement. While on that same hand you usually turn from that which causes you discomfort or that which you find unsuitable, or undesirable, or unattractive, as qualified through your own personal beliefs. Indeed. For example many of you still don’t accept people of other races, or ethnicities, or those who are attracted to the same gender. People still disown their children, who express themselves in ways that are not in alignment with their ‘family-think’, and you live in areas and communities that reinforce your values and you socialize with those within those communities that insulate you from others unlike yourselves.

As long as you are products of your own insulated environments and family or inherited and subsequently learned beliefs then this will not change. When one child or adult within an established community grows beyond that community or family in their desires, knowledge, education, or desires and they want more they usually meet resistance. Why? Because, it causes fractionalization and dissention within an establish hierarchy, within relationships, between spouses, within belief systems and ways of life… it causes beliefs to become questioned and within this process there is a loss of control. The known and familiar becomes threatened. So, what happens? The group usually disavows or disowns, or finds a means of blaming that individual within the group for causing upset and subsequently that individual either has to squash their desires and conform to the community standard and resign themselves to living that way and continuing within the established belief system… or, they have to separate from the group. Anyway you consider these things one must admit that it certainly paves a problematic road to be traveled. Michel