Friday, February 1, 2013

You are not within the past, but within this moment.

You are of this third dimensional existence and are physically mortal and material. We, this channeled energy are wholly spiritual, of Divine Mind and immortal... formless. In other words, we were at one time nearly of mortal flesh as you are now and we are now of immortal spirit. But elected to stay as spirit. Not all life is as you know it.

Being this, there is nothing of the material world that can alter or change our, Michel's spiritual self, being that this is of God and universe - perfection of being. As too are you... perfection of being. Different. Unique. But much of the same source. Error is that which does not serve you well as it is based in mortal thought and the material which has no sensation, mind or independent action of thought. It is illusive and fleeting.

You are placed in your 'here and now' at this moment in time - not in the past or in the future, but here and now, at this moment - an eternal being derived from universal essence and capable of nothing less than creating through abundancy. Within this moment, as you hear our words you are learning, processing and taking in information on a vibrational level that will imprint within your being. You will take what you need, and you will leave the rest.

Material senses, the human expression of mortal thought and mortal mind is misleading, deriving no cognitive reasoning from God or the spiritual self. God, universe and Divine Mind believe and affirm that these things alone (the spiritual aspect of all) maintain the indisputable truth that these alone are the reality of existence. This refers to moral goodness and physical wellness found in practical daily life and demonstrated through divine strength. Life is ongoing. It is shapeless, until your perspective places upon it the urgency and importance you give it.

The single contradictory thought and belief which opposes this is of death. This is an errorous thought and opposed to the truth found in the indisputable fact that God and universe, as you, the individual, are whole, perfect and immortally infinite.

What does not serve you well, error, has no light. It has no life and no connection to the divine. It is without meaning. In light there is no darkness and in death there are only new beginnings. All that is of God and universe is of light and has no error or darkness or death associated with it. Immortal life is inseparable from God and the individual.Inseparable. Indeed.

You are responsible for your choice of conversation and your thought, hence your actions. Your practice of belief, your realization and connection to the divine, the purity of your being is limited by immature and self-serving demonstrations. Through incorrectly established ambition and desire, you set about your own defeat. You cannot be within your faith and upon solid ground if you depart through demonstrations of self-actualized, unprincipled, and unfocused understanding of your only true nature, that of divine mind, the ease of being founded and maintained by and through oneness of action.

Keep your thoughts and conversations to that which is maintained by prudent behavior and thoughts. Where your thoughts go your body will follow. Know that there is one of you, a unique, physical being created in the image of universe, God, and all that is. This is a priceless being whose reflection predisposes a diverse ability to create through the abundant ease of being.

No one else can do what you do, bringing forth the unity of naturally occurring essences that only you can, which will allow you, as you go about your life, to touch many, heal many, and love richly.

Embrace the uniqueness that is you, March to your own drummer and believe in the limitless attainments available to you. Live, love and learn. Michel

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