Saturday, February 2, 2013

You are the living breath of the origins of time itself.

In popular religion many gods are recognized, and properly understood with that specific faith, these are manifestations of the same Source with varying names and protocol. Each god has his or her own function. In Hinduism, the three principal gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, they are super-naturally empowered and serve respectively, each having certain attributes: creating, preserving and destroying. They are joined as the Trimurti, or three powers, reminiscent of the Christian Trinity. Strictly speaking, the creator God does not create in the Judeo-Christian sense for the world is eternal and He or She is simply the God who has been from the beginning, manifested to many people in many ways. But God is within all in a personal and deeply connected manner, linking each individual to the source, their essence and their inner intuitive selves.

Beyond these there is Christ Science, Sciences of Mind, Scientology, and again those relating to nature, such as Wica, Paganism and the like. None separate from the whole. None are right or wrong. Each are linked and connected by the process of worship, atonement, and the realization of something greater than the physical. The universe and divine mind is all, in all, all that has been and all that will be. We are often asked about evil and darkness. In light there is no darkness, and in life there is no death.

Mother Earth that which supports and sustains all life is the physical plane one which the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs of humankind manifest. When the thinking, behavior, and chosen realities of humankind are not in alignment the earth suffers. Nature is the realness of creation, it is the aspect of creation that is ever manifesting and that denotes the characteristics of what is happening within the human-reality.

Evil, doubt and darkness have never existed as a separate entity, for there is no balance or purpose within these. Indeed. These are a false belief, manifested through mortal mind in an attempt to assign blame or responsibility to something outside the self, something that can be so powerful that it can make one do something against one's will. It is alikened to the boogie-man that lurks under the child’s bed that ceases to exist when the child becomes an adult. To the child’s mind it is the harbinger of anxiety and un-natural circumstance that spontaneously manifest without reason… but, when an adult comes into the child’s room and turns the light on all fear is dispelled.

This belief in or about evil, doubt and darkness is a form of idolatry, having 'other Gods before me' when there is nothing before and nothing after God, for there is just the perfection of universe, divine mind and God. It is a lack of faith. Nothingness. All things were made of and by God and Spirit. All things were made by a universal force that cannot be full explained by one belief or set of ideologies. What is of perfection can only create perfection. Hence, good and perfection are real. Therefore evil, the opposite of good and perfection, is just this - unreal.

Faith is hope. It is the process of positive belief that keeps you going and is affirmed in and through your convictions. Doubt is like wading in mud. It is thick and heavy and pulls you down into it further and further. Doubt is torment. It is of mortal mind and not natural.
Know you are of the light, of the one Source. You are the begining and the end; you are the living breath of the origins of time itself... infinite, and ever-lasting. Michel

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