Saturday, February 2, 2013

When your conscience bothers you.

When your conscience bothers you, you are damned before you begin, negating your position of growth. Damned is defined as that which is doomed to failure. At times we can be cheeky. And you thought we were above such things… but herein is the rub, as you say, within your conscience and minds-eye you know when you have done wrong, and when you have acted in ways that caused harm to another. You have to live with this. You know, and your inner-landscape knows. Make things right with yourself and with that other person.

Make the attempt to heal, forgive and move-forward. Your life will be measured by what you work-through to a successful conclusion. The strength of any relationship is measured by the adversity you come through, how you talk it out, how you forgive it, and how you come together to embrace each other.
Anyone can walk away. Anyone can turn their back on another and shut someone out. But, to own your part in a dynamic, to reach out, and to move and progress, through a bad dynamic making it good… will only strengthen your bond with that person. Learn to trust. Learn to believe. And learn to work with someone, another, for a common good. See the best in each other.

Fear not, for human-kind should not be ashamed. No one should be ashamed of themselves. Different people in learn in different ways. You should not be bewildered or confused, for you will not be put to shame and doubt. All life on this plane and within this dimension is based on learning, evolving and experiencing, bringing you to your higher self through these interactions. Negativity increases until you are forced to look at your life and re-evaluate where you are within that life. There is a karmic path, a thread that travels throughout the tapestry of your life. You can look at a tapestry and see an intricately woven design, but usually it is one long thread among many that make up that image. Pull the thread, and the tapestry begins to unravel. Stop pulling at the threads of your life. Follow the thread… see where it leads. For all energy returns to its source. And remember, if there was not love, or a strong attraction, there would not be: hurt, anger or resentment. Rediscover the love.
The person who has doubts and misgivings stands condemned to failure before they begin; as they do not act from faith and they doubt themselves. If you tell yourself something for long enough you’ll begin to believe it. Do not say harsh things about yourself and do not speak badly about yourself in front of yourself.

The act of faith is a process of casting something greater than yourself down before you and stepping upon it. This something is the guarantee of the abundancy of God’s and Spirit’s perfection from which you were conceived and created. The aspects of God and the religious formats and conceived thoughts and perceptions of God were implanted within your DNA and memories to give you a basic societal structure. Memories are also soul-memories; and from this your creativity and imagination spring forth to bring new life through the conception of your thoughts.

·        Belief is what you choose to believe.

·        Faith this that which you choose believe.

·        Belief and faith are nothing more than personal definitions of what you choose to hold within your consciousness as truth.

 As individuals who come from various regional areas, your belief systems have been modified and adapted to serve you and maintain you within the context of your evolutionary process. As you evolve and your minds expand, so do your concepts of self and dimensionality. You push further and explore new possibilities for your existence and evolution.
The process of creationism speaks to God's and Spirit’s miraculous intervention to explain the origin of the universe, of life and of the different kinds of plants and animals on earth and within the universe. But then again you ask, "Who and what is God?" When we speak of God we speak in terms of attributes. For instance, God is: infinitude, immutability, eternity, goodness, knowledge (omniscience) and power (omnipotence). We ascribe to God certain human traits and characteristics; God is: compassionate, forgiving and understanding and tempers wrath and anger with forgiveness. We also assign dominant male qualities to your conception of that which is not conceivable by referring to God as 'He'. God offers hope and salvation where there would be desolation and failure. Humankind deifies its own image in order to make sense of its world. Michel

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