Friday, February 1, 2013

What is channeling?

What is channeling?

Channeling is the balance of mind, body and soul. In that experience, there is the ability to allow universal knowledge that is derived from source, or 'God,' to be channeled through a physical being for the expression of information based in spirit and divine truth without the interference of that mortal being's personal thought and perspectives. A channel is a connection between two bodies of energy (one body being the physical body and the other being Divine Mind) wherein divine energy and the purity of universal knowledge and information is expressed through the physical being as the mortal mind releases itself to higher, divine thought. Channeling is the process of a non-physical entity of being communicating through a physical being or individual. It is when the physical being or individual can release its subjective mind or framework of understanding and allow an objective fluidity of consciousness and throught to flow through it.

How do I know where this is coming from and what is the source of this information?

I have maintained and believed, and always will, that there is one 'God.' Depending upon your personal belief and religion, you may refer to this perception of 'God' as Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus Christ or any other name that relates to your chosen perception of divine being as expressed through your beliefs. In my personal belief system I believe in God, a supreme being and source, that is based in purity, unconditional love and unlimited perfection in being.

The source of the origin of the channel is demonstrated through the philosophies related through the channel. The body of work stands on its own merit. We are sure that the source of the information is the one source that sustains all life: that of Divine Mind and the universal energy which abundantly sustains all life as we know it. The information relates aspects of unconditional love, wellness, healing and positive affirmations. That which is based in good and Divine Mind reflects that standard of Divine Mind and is reflected in all of the work and information that is contained within these pages.

Each individual brings their own skepticism with them when they approach something that is different from their usual perceptions. Healthy skepticism based in objectivity is always beneficial. I would say that, as with anything one approaches in life, what one expects to get out of it, or what one is expecting from the experience is usually proven to be true. I would hope that the diversity of channels and people who channel are like any other diversified group in society, and each individual will find a sense of comfort with that which reflects their needs at the moment, and hopefully, they will grow and benefit from the experience.

What are the basic philosophies of your channel?

I would answer this by saying that these are the simplicities that I believe in and have learned through this channel: that there is one God, one source and one perfection of being. Most importantly, when someone strikes, you do not strike back, and when someone slaps your heart give them love and time to heal. Matter has no mind of its own as all is sustained by Divine Mind and in Divine Mind is the perfection of source and unlimited abundancy.

Michel teachings are about the co-creational process and how you the individual have the power to reshape the way you think and act. You are the reflection of Divine Mind and of source and can only create from a place of unlimited abundancy. What one individual can do, so can another.

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