Sunday, February 3, 2013

The key to happiness is; always be the student.

The key to happiness is; always be the student, always be willing to learn, this way you create more opportunity for yourself to grow in wonderfully dynamic ways. When you feel driven to take the lead or share, step back and allow someone else to share what they know and be there to support them, guide them, and perhaps even learn newer perspectives from them.  If you have knowledge, influence or power you may want to use it conservatively and be patient with those who are trying to gain self-confidence by initiating a leader-ship role within their interactions. 

People dispose of what they don’t understand or of what challenges those in power. Loss. And will society ever know what great benefits could have been discovered through some of these people. In your personal life, family life, and even work life and inter-personal relationships people like and are attracted to that which reflects their own images and value-systems. Any distinctions you place upon them have meaning to you, and to those who share your ideals, good or bad, right or wrong, they are aspects of personality traits that 'work', otherwise you would not have them. But herein is the thing, are they ‘working well’ for you? No person is disposable. All life matters. Each person matters.
Oftentimes people are (still) given away, or traded, or even sold, when they are not wanted, or no longer have a useful function associated with them. Individuals are oftentimes forced to denounce who they are, and the feelings they have, because those ways or behaviors don't conform with how 'others' wants them to be. This can be by parents, by loved ones (for example – adoption or abandonment), or societies (during conflicts, wars, or as part of ritual-trade or barter), or by what they would consider family because they may remind them of something they don’t want to think about.  This should evoke a strong response, but herein is an aspect to consider; from these dynamics can arise greatness: artists, advocates, activists, and social awareness from which political change can evolve.  You should be proud of that which makes you unique.

As you mature you may find that the adults in your life, perhaps your parents, perhaps those who would be your superiors have their own limitations and personal issues. Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to step back from them... why? Perhaps, you have surpassed them, grown, and become your own person with you own thoughts, beliefs, and values. You should live a life that is right for you, not them, and realize that perhaps neither are wrong, but moreso, your individual needs are just different.

As global consciousness increases so does the consciousness of human rights, equality and tolerance. Even within the third-world, or other countries. Perhaps, even your own country as you hear us… or developing nations... are you aware that there are places where homosexuals 'were and still are' hung and executed, or where within certain cultures  there is the ongoing practice of female genital mutualization and the non-rights of women. Imagine.
Global awareness and pressure, the internet, and technology are forcing change and movement toward increased human-rights. It is how you as a society go about creating change for the better by understanding that all people are entitled to equality, access to improved living standards and by understanding you are linked to each other you. When you become aware of this connection your responsibility for each other is realized. For when these things happen it is not to a faceless them, it is to – you.
It is the same with groups. People push out of the group those that challenge the group dynamics. These group dynamics can sometimes take on an energy of their own, it is important to pay close attention to how groups self-modify and nurture them properly. All it takes is for one person to withhold their voice when they see injustice or inequity to take root. One voice can change things for the better.

The child within the adult always strives for acceptance by that which rejected it.
Many times you pick your interactions based on this... rejection and the process of acceptance. You should always maintain your own self-value. Always. Even as adults you may become emotionally challenged by trigger-events where you think you are being 'under-mined', or someone is not being loyal to you and you may want to attack or lash out. But think it out, is that the adult you responding or the hurt child who is still fearful that it may be treated unfairly. This is important, if you begin to act-out, you can redirect that energy and consider that you do perhaps not understand the intent of the other person or people involved. Perhaps they are innocent of any offensive behaviors and are actually doing their best to be supportive, loyal and fair. Your responses are filtered through your past experiences. Find out what makes you feel threatened... why? Once you begin to discover that your reactions are about the unhealed inner-aspects of yourself you can advance within your own sense of self.
There are ‘cultures’ that promote secrecy, which can be alikened to The Catholic Church, or perhaps institutions, more recently, alikened to Penn State,  both of which kept long time secrets about actions perpetrated by their members who held or hold positions of power.  The more powerful the person, the more protected they usually are by the entities which empower them. When you are impacted or mistreated as a child by authority figures, or people who are in positions of power the consequences may be long termed and those events may stalk your present. It is important to deal with them. Pull them out, and place them within the light and let the healing begin. There is no shame. There is nothing to be fearful about. Every living person, each individual, has something within their life that they have experienced, or that has been done to them, or that they have done, that they are not overly proud of.

What matters is that you deal with this and realize you CANNOT be responsible for someone else’s behaviors. Now here is the challenging part, you have to forgive yourself for feeling:  guilty, dirty, used, tossed aside, or victimized… you will only remain a victim for as long as it is that you don’t take your personal power back. You have to go on with your life. You have to step out of the shadow of fear and doubt into the light of self-love, love, compassion and wellness. YOU ARE loved. YOU ARE of love. YOU ARE special. Male or female, it does not matter; each person and every person wants to be loved and wants to give love. Let go of the past, the longer you dwell within it the more challenging it will be to escape it. So, start – NOW.
This is why we speak to you about making good choices. Indeed. Choices.  Making good choices. 

You cannot own someone else’s behaviors. Behaviors can have lifelong impact and consequences. There will be set backs. There will moments of moodiness or doubt, but with time, and by moving forward they will become less and less frequent, and less and less likely to happen again. Soon they will be nothing, simply nothing, and they will no longer be a part of your awareness.

There is an organic link between you and the physical earth, and how you live your life. Living. We share this with you because your environment impacts your physicality. Think in good ways, train your mind to retool itself, and think in ways that are healing. If you start falling into patterns of conflicted thinking, STOP, change the thought. Over time when you do this it will become easier and easier to shift out of a negative place into a more harmonious place. Harmony.
Images: Swans signify change, Owls - wisdom, Water – fluidness, and this also pertains to your inner landscape. Sensations. Feelings. Intuition. Synchronicity. Time is happening concurrently, it is only your perception of time that: limits, ages, and has causation attached to it. You are constantly being guided. Even something as small as having the handle break free from your brief-case while walking into work may mean for you to ‘get a handle’ on the day earlier on. People often overlook the small synchronistic nudges they get. Notice when they happen. 

The degree of dysfunction you exhibit is linked to your sense of Spirituality, religion, or the lack of it in your life. You can balance your life with your consciousness.  Thought. The consciousness within you is your calling to a better and higher life, a more sincere and connected way of living. Individual awareness.  Your life is the balance of both day and night, good and bad, the moral and the ethical. The greatest adventure you can ever experience is the one of discovering your true-self, which is within you. Inward. Core and balance. You can travel as far as you’d like, to all types of exotic locations, but within you is the greatest journey for it is about discovering the God within. Indeed. Everything you need is within you.
Most adults have a closed heart chakra because they must live and function within a fear based society.  This chakra slowly closes over time and becomes more self-protecting. In the Holy Bible it speaks of The Seven Seals, The Seven Trumpets, The Seven Vials, all of which correlate with The Seven Chakras within you.  Spirituality. The Chakra systems are the energy keys to your physical body. You can’t see energy; you can’t see faith, Spirituality or religion. But yet, here you are and here are the struggles you try to understand in relation to your everyday life and the ‘major events’ within your life.  A child is conceived, you carry life within you, your parents pass, and another generation begins to come to an awareness of those same events. Cycles. Beginnings. The awareness of awakening, that great journey pertains to you becoming your true self, the God-Child that comes from a space of loving kindness. Again, you have to look no further than within yourself for everything you need. For God is within you.

When the world you live in becomes polluted, so do you. As above as below. It is important to think clean thoughts. As that which is outside, is that which is inside. As is the world you live in, so too you become. You create together as one, there can be no hidden course of events or personal agendas, because inevitably they will crumble if they do not serve the highest good.  The symbiotic nature of your existence is understood through the meaning of the relationships you share with all things.  If you don’t respect yourself, then how can you ever respect anyone else? Or, indeed, anything else.
Over time your consciousness may have the tendency to become polluted or corrupted because of the condition of your world. If you live in a world and upon an earth, that can and is becoming more and more polluted, then so too are your societies and ways of thinking.  Finding a means of detoxification is important. It is not that the universe is quickening and adversely affecting people and their moods, it is that ‘the world you are creating’ is impacting your way of relating to each other, because you are damaging it. Become good takers.

If we were to tell you that your way of thinking shapes how you relate to everything else around you, including time, then think about how the consistency of ‘time and creation’ relate to each other. Yes, yes, you are thinking, you have heard this and you know this. Remember the strength the student brings to the teacher. Time and creation. Both are happening at the same time, both co-exist, both fuse into oneness. Go back to the basics and assume you know little of this vast universe, and try to implement what you know. Small steps. No one living person is there yet, that is what living is about – learning. What if there was no Big Bang, and what if the universe will not end, what if they just are self-maintaining and self-perpetuating.  It is ‘the feelings’ that affect that which is not seen, as they are energy, an internal and eternal form of Living Quantum Physics. On another level, being extensions of the same universe you too are self-perpetuating in more ways than one. You self-perpetuate by introducing your way of thinking to future generations, your habits and ritualized behaviors are generationalized, and then your pass your own beliefs and behaviors forward through generation after generation.
There is much about you that you put into motion. If you react in a way that is not as you would have wanted, with hindsight; you can redirect that energy non-responsively, and change the outcome to one that would be more beneficial.

What, if what, you think of as God was and is a Non-Physical-Entity, or a being of the cosmos, that seeded life upon this planet and His name was Elo-hem or Ya-way. Perhaps sky-beings who are still among you seeded you in hopes of restoring their own diminishing civilization; both Moses and Jesus (The God-Within, never separate from God, but remains one with Him) studied the lessons laid forth by these beings in: Babylon, India and Egypt and what was called Mesopotamia. The men, both of the same energy, and manifestation, came into physical materialization. Freedom of thought, personality responsibility (Kabbalah) is the corner-stone of reason needed to develop the rights of individuals and a socially shared society.  Your way of thinking is the greatest tool you have to master your fear. Your way of belief is the greatest asset you have in teaching love and compassion, human-equality, and tolerance to other generations. Hope. Desire. Dignity.
In your days the punishment you give yourself is far greater than anything your concept of God could do to you. For Spirituality, religion, faith, and God are about: love, forgiveness, belief in goodness and kindness and the hope that through human fragility, trial and error, you can find a means of loving yourself and each other. 

In each man and woman there is the same fear of failure, rejection, and loss. In each man and woman there is the greatest flame of transcendence, of inspiration, of believing. All these emotions, all these sensations are the living breath of God that sustains your every moment. From them spring the wellness of greatness. For, you are someone. You are someone – now. You are a person who matters. You don’t have to measure against anyone else, or against any material thing. For you, the person whose reflection you see each day is a magnificent being who brings with them the potentiality that only they can. That potential comes from deep within you and it is the spark of creation that knows no limitation. Indeed. Love. You are such magnificent beings.




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