Friday, February 1, 2013

Self worth is very important.


The importance of the small unspoken thoughts and deeds are what are important now - to be able to say I love you, to be able to show unconditional love. During the death experience was the only time I felt unconditional love and warmth. My three month coma passed in the blink of an eye, in a blur of a forgotten reality.

Self worth is very important. It is being accountable to one's self for one's own actions. To have a core that goes beyond your own limits allows you to be limitless. I now speak to God and pray daily. Not for myself, but for healing, for others, for the world and for humankind. Only as one can we redesign this hectic world we live in.

One prayer I say each day is:

God and Universe and All That Is, allow me to see and hear beyond my own desires.
Allow me to feel what others say.
Allow me to forgive and to remember to be kind.
Allow me to remember to say a kind word, especially when it would be easier and quicker to say something harsh.
Allow me to see myself in others.
Hold me up when I falter, and give me the wisdom to respect someone else's opinions and reality.
Allow me to remember that through all else you are with me in each moment of each day.
Thank you for this wonderful life.

This simple prayer has helped me create space for others in my day and allowed me to be more compassionate and understanding when it would be easier to gossip or say something harsh. It intends that the day will be blessed by Divine Mind and the movement of allowing will flow easily, creating space for all to 'just be'. We are not in control. We are not here to intervene on behalf of anyone. We live in the 'here and now' and must allow others the same respect and freedom. It is up to us to know that what they are doing is right for them. We all must learn to accept and live in our own 'here and now'. Live in the present and move toward the future.

I now sense life and its frequencies. I feel with other people and understand that we all are special. So much energy. My inner self is strong and focused. Divine light shines upon my days and feeds my soul. I am here due to Divine Mind. I am not who I was. God is truly Good !
David Reid Lowell channeling of Michel

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