Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dis-ease and disharmony are unreal.


Dis-ease and disharmony are unreal. They are the manifestations of karmic energies, and this life’s heredity, all intertwined into a false manifestation that you make real through your beliefs, thoughts, and life-style. They are not divine, and they dispute the intentions of divine construction and the perfection of universal laws.

These untruths are un-realities, perpetuated myth endorsed by and through testimonies of mortal error. All dis-ease and disease can be healed, halted and eliminated through the affirmation and belief that there is one self-evident truth: that of divine mind, universal mind and God. There is NO truth in error. You have to listen to your inner-landscape and hear what it is saying to you. You have to listen to your intuition and hear. Once your body, the vehicle that carries your soul is impacted beyond the point of repair, it cannot sustain itself. For the body is a physical organic structure and being such it has limitations.

This is why we remind you again and again to forgive, to let go, to heal and move forward within your life. The past is done. You are within this moment, and if you have enough awareness to recognize that then you can begin to correct your thinking.

Only truth is real, only faith sustains. The truth of your faith, that which you choose to make real by believing it manifests within your life and physical body.

What follows is that to make error real, it would be made truth… meaning you have to self-justify and believe in incorrect living.  Error and disease are falsehoods… unless you make the real. They arise from the belief that matter has thought, sensation, and free will. The material senses are unreal and therefore unnecessary… they can be misled. Matter, the material does not have independent awarenesses, or thought, it does not have free-will and the ability to choose. They are unnecessary filters that provide for manifestations of mortal thought, not the true manifestation of divine being.

The very life you manifest and your health are NOT independent from the universe and God and Spirit... Universal Creation. They are bound to spirit and truth. They can be realigned, restored and made whole, as all of God and universe is of wholeness and perfection. There us one truth and one God - Source. We, Michel, teach the Law of Attraction is misused if it is used to manifest material things, substance, and wants. What this does is put wrongful thinking in front of proper thinking. It empowers that which has no meaning, free-will, or Spiritual value over that which does. This Law of Attraction is about you being on center within yourself and placing yourself in proper alignment with Universal laws, not mortal wants.

Sickness, dis-ease, disease and death are a phenomena and an indiscretion- thought manifested and made real though falsehood. The actualized validity of a single belief can make real the manifestation of thought. One cannot heal nor be healed if the attempt is made on a material basis. As you believe, you become. As you affirm through validation, you are.

As you demonstrate your behavior and actions you validate your reality to yourself and others. It is evident that there exists a cause and effect relationship between all bodies of energy. What is of the mind is of God. The universe and its wholeness can be nothing lesser than the perfection of the natural order that maintains it.

Phenomena and mortal experiences are themselves brought to consciousness without recourse to deduction or assumptions from other truths. They are illusions and reactions affirmed and behaviorally reinforced through mechanisms that keep the individual part of the group consciousness. The meaning and belief brought to these affirmations are untruths. They are separate from divine thought and not part of the natural order of life which is weightless, free and perfect. It is of great importance to keep affirmations positive and when you have a thought; it becomes a belief and is put into action.

Just love yourself, and all comes with ease. Do you feel at times that you are dealing in black money or have lost your soul, trading it for something that you thought would make you happy only to discover that you can't fill the hole within. At those times it is important to know that love and perfection are the true harmony of the soul. There is nothing else.

Create from joy and love. Release hardness, darkness and temptation for self-destructive behavior and say, "I just want to be loved." Don't put pride or vanity before your personal dignity. Speak from the heart and know that when you reach out, others reach back. There can be no void. There can be no loss, only the sense of regained dignity when you stand in the affirmations of your own truths. Free yourself and your soul. Just let yourself love and let yourself be loved just be as you were meant to be, pure, expressive and loving. Embrace another, so you can embrace yourself. Michel

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