Friday, February 1, 2013

Basic Michel teachings.

I have survived many challenges and learning experiences: my NDE - Near Death Experience, and the passing of loved ones through many forms of transition: suicide, kidney failure and ovarian cancer and HIV. What has given me my foundation is the knowledge that we are reflections of God, Divine Mind and the Universe's perfection. For me, my life is about - faith. This is our strength. To stand on this foundation of strength all we have to do is deflect negativity, which is anything that is not Divine. This is the power of God, of Divine Mind and Universal Perfection.  Michel has given through me, these basic teachings, that are unique to him, and I now share them with you.

The simple action of reflect and deflect.
To INTEND or to DIRECT ACTION is to create and manifest positive outcome. By directing action and intending a positive outcome from that manipulated behavior you script your reality. You through your choices shape your beliefs, those beliefs shape your perspective... and your perspective defines your quality of life. By scripting your reality through staged manipulation you can pull out of predicted behaviors and the resulting expected reaction, giving way to successful behaviors with beneficial outcomes.

Each person co-creates with all those around them.

We, Michel, do NOT endorse the commonly accepted principles of The Law of Attraction which is increasingly used for self-gain and materialism. We also do NOT endorse the use of: treasure mapping, abundancy boards, or affirmation boards where people post and put up images of everything, meaning things, they do not have but want. All this does is affirm lackage. It is a reminder of what you covet, and do not have within your life.

Spiritual abundance comes from being on center within who you are, and doing what you enjoy. It is a rather simple process. Know who you are. Know what you are about and be proud of that. Pursue the life that makes you fulfilled and happy. And, do no intentional harm to another.
RESHAPING AND UNDERSTANDING your individual dynamics allows you to heal and flow within life giving energy. Compartmentalizing and stuffing your issues causes them to manifest many ways, often in your physiology. Illness and lack of focus are the remnants of these unresolved conflicts and unhealed injuries. Within you there is the unlimited ability to redefine yourself.

  • Accept who you are.
  • Accept how you are.
  • Be proud of both: who you are, and how you are.
  • Understand you are equal to all others.

But without mistakes or errors you cannot grow and move forward. You will make mistakes and errors in judgement and sometimes you won't be proud of behavior... but, once you realize this you can move forward and live in a way that you can be proud of. These are learning moments. Never intentionally hurt another. Recognizing the causes and patterns and acknowledging their impact and forgiving yourselves are the basic steps to wholeness of mind and body.
IMPACTING is the manifesting of the energy of conflict and unresolved issues within the body. Errorous thought and negative emotions gather, continually creating themes of drama until the body's trigger points react. These manifestations and unresolved conflicts can cause serious illness. Your body follows where your mind's reality leads. Impacting often increases until these conflicts and root issues are dealt with. If you do things and act in ways that create problems and inbalance, then you will manifest this in your life... you know when you have done things that are not right, and you know when you have hurt another, no matter how you self-justify it. How you live, how you think, how you interact with other will shape the person you become. Start to be a person you can be proud of.
EQUILIBRIUM in your life is of utmost importance in maintaining spiritual harmony. It is being dead center in who you are, recognizing wrongs and rights. This is the opposition of opposing forces being equal in strength - rest in motion.
Divine Mind is all, distinct from all and greater than all. The very concept is ineffable, and yet the thought of Divine Mind only expresses the human concept and ideal of divinity. The opposing side of this is negativity expressed by mortal mind and through free choice. Negative subsistence can never be anything but negative subsistence. It cannot vary, it cannot develop and it cannot evolve. It just pools and becomes stagnant. For, in and of itself, negative subsistence is nothing but a projected sense of manifested mortal thought. However, negative existence has hidden within it positive life force. For in the limitless depths of the abyss of negativity lies the hidden power of Divine Mind, the power of projecting divine thought and love. This one spark, which makes all the glory of the sun and universe, recreates itself in our own individualized but universal reflection. Divine Mind is abundant in mercy and in countenance.
All of you, and we, Michel, mean all of you, have been angry, resentful, and 'acted out' from time to time in an inappropriate manner. That is human, that is a process about learning... you learn. You adapt, you grow and you learn to be kinder and more respectfully caring. You have all brought drama into your lives and perhaps not always reacted as well as you could have to unexpected life events.
But one thing we are sure of is; that this alone makes you all too human. You project your own unique perspective of the reality you live in and therefore draw that energy into your lives... because you recreate what you know... good or bad. At some point in time you may find it benefical to focus on the good.
You all manifest the results of your perspective which you arrive at due to your own free will, oftentimes assigning the responsibility of your behavior and reactions onto those 'who caused it' rather than owning it yourselves and simply moving on.
Now is the time to hug someone and let go of the pain. Make it right. Indeed. Tell someone you are sorry, tell someone you love them, tell them they matter. Now is the time to own your behaviors and grow beyond them by embracing them. Now is the time to learn to love yourself in an unconditional manner so you can love someone else in an unconditional manner. You have to learn to love yourself. Indeed.
This means loving someone for their errors and mistakes, offering them understanding and compassion at these times and a gentle guiding voice of reason without enabling them to displace any of their past issues onto you or anyone else. This means forgiving yourself.
Issue work should be directed singularly at the cause of events which created the interpretation of that reality. Know who you are. Stop creating drama. Stop the negative way of pulling other's into your conflict. START liking yourself.
Unconditional Love is not loving someone or yourself if you do this, or if you see it my way, or a specific way, or if you do that. It is loving someone always and remaining accessible to them during the challenges of growth periods while not allowing yourself to become immersed in their work. You all have to do your own work.
This web site is a means of sharing a path of growth and self-actualization.
It's about the human experience, human pasts and the journey to discover the presence that fills your universes and individual lives. On this journey you have many chances and opportunities to manifest the 'ease of being.' The true keepers of spirit are those who over come obstacles each and everyday, whether it's just getting up and going to the market, reigning in addictive habits, or looking beyond one's self to God and Spirit.
 It is through these learning experiences that you are able to discover the perfection that already resonates within. Michel

Again, these writings are channeled information from source or whatever name you choose to give your perception of deity, universal awareness, origins or God.

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