Sunday, February 3, 2013

The key to happiness is; always be the student.

The key to happiness is; always be the student, always be willing to learn, this way you create more opportunity for yourself to grow in wonderfully dynamic ways. When you feel driven to take the lead or share, step back and allow someone else to share what they know and be there to support them, guide them, and perhaps even learn newer perspectives from them.  If you have knowledge, influence or power you may want to use it conservatively and be patient with those who are trying to gain self-confidence by initiating a leader-ship role within their interactions. 

People dispose of what they don’t understand or of what challenges those in power. Loss. And will society ever know what great benefits could have been discovered through some of these people. In your personal life, family life, and even work life and inter-personal relationships people like and are attracted to that which reflects their own images and value-systems. Any distinctions you place upon them have meaning to you, and to those who share your ideals, good or bad, right or wrong, they are aspects of personality traits that 'work', otherwise you would not have them. But herein is the thing, are they ‘working well’ for you? No person is disposable. All life matters. Each person matters.
Oftentimes people are (still) given away, or traded, or even sold, when they are not wanted, or no longer have a useful function associated with them. Individuals are oftentimes forced to denounce who they are, and the feelings they have, because those ways or behaviors don't conform with how 'others' wants them to be. This can be by parents, by loved ones (for example – adoption or abandonment), or societies (during conflicts, wars, or as part of ritual-trade or barter), or by what they would consider family because they may remind them of something they don’t want to think about.  This should evoke a strong response, but herein is an aspect to consider; from these dynamics can arise greatness: artists, advocates, activists, and social awareness from which political change can evolve.  You should be proud of that which makes you unique.

As you mature you may find that the adults in your life, perhaps your parents, perhaps those who would be your superiors have their own limitations and personal issues. Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to step back from them... why? Perhaps, you have surpassed them, grown, and become your own person with you own thoughts, beliefs, and values. You should live a life that is right for you, not them, and realize that perhaps neither are wrong, but moreso, your individual needs are just different.

As global consciousness increases so does the consciousness of human rights, equality and tolerance. Even within the third-world, or other countries. Perhaps, even your own country as you hear us… or developing nations... are you aware that there are places where homosexuals 'were and still are' hung and executed, or where within certain cultures  there is the ongoing practice of female genital mutualization and the non-rights of women. Imagine.
Global awareness and pressure, the internet, and technology are forcing change and movement toward increased human-rights. It is how you as a society go about creating change for the better by understanding that all people are entitled to equality, access to improved living standards and by understanding you are linked to each other you. When you become aware of this connection your responsibility for each other is realized. For when these things happen it is not to a faceless them, it is to – you.
It is the same with groups. People push out of the group those that challenge the group dynamics. These group dynamics can sometimes take on an energy of their own, it is important to pay close attention to how groups self-modify and nurture them properly. All it takes is for one person to withhold their voice when they see injustice or inequity to take root. One voice can change things for the better.

The child within the adult always strives for acceptance by that which rejected it.
Many times you pick your interactions based on this... rejection and the process of acceptance. You should always maintain your own self-value. Always. Even as adults you may become emotionally challenged by trigger-events where you think you are being 'under-mined', or someone is not being loyal to you and you may want to attack or lash out. But think it out, is that the adult you responding or the hurt child who is still fearful that it may be treated unfairly. This is important, if you begin to act-out, you can redirect that energy and consider that you do perhaps not understand the intent of the other person or people involved. Perhaps they are innocent of any offensive behaviors and are actually doing their best to be supportive, loyal and fair. Your responses are filtered through your past experiences. Find out what makes you feel threatened... why? Once you begin to discover that your reactions are about the unhealed inner-aspects of yourself you can advance within your own sense of self.
There are ‘cultures’ that promote secrecy, which can be alikened to The Catholic Church, or perhaps institutions, more recently, alikened to Penn State,  both of which kept long time secrets about actions perpetrated by their members who held or hold positions of power.  The more powerful the person, the more protected they usually are by the entities which empower them. When you are impacted or mistreated as a child by authority figures, or people who are in positions of power the consequences may be long termed and those events may stalk your present. It is important to deal with them. Pull them out, and place them within the light and let the healing begin. There is no shame. There is nothing to be fearful about. Every living person, each individual, has something within their life that they have experienced, or that has been done to them, or that they have done, that they are not overly proud of.

What matters is that you deal with this and realize you CANNOT be responsible for someone else’s behaviors. Now here is the challenging part, you have to forgive yourself for feeling:  guilty, dirty, used, tossed aside, or victimized… you will only remain a victim for as long as it is that you don’t take your personal power back. You have to go on with your life. You have to step out of the shadow of fear and doubt into the light of self-love, love, compassion and wellness. YOU ARE loved. YOU ARE of love. YOU ARE special. Male or female, it does not matter; each person and every person wants to be loved and wants to give love. Let go of the past, the longer you dwell within it the more challenging it will be to escape it. So, start – NOW.
This is why we speak to you about making good choices. Indeed. Choices.  Making good choices. 

You cannot own someone else’s behaviors. Behaviors can have lifelong impact and consequences. There will be set backs. There will moments of moodiness or doubt, but with time, and by moving forward they will become less and less frequent, and less and less likely to happen again. Soon they will be nothing, simply nothing, and they will no longer be a part of your awareness.

There is an organic link between you and the physical earth, and how you live your life. Living. We share this with you because your environment impacts your physicality. Think in good ways, train your mind to retool itself, and think in ways that are healing. If you start falling into patterns of conflicted thinking, STOP, change the thought. Over time when you do this it will become easier and easier to shift out of a negative place into a more harmonious place. Harmony.
Images: Swans signify change, Owls - wisdom, Water – fluidness, and this also pertains to your inner landscape. Sensations. Feelings. Intuition. Synchronicity. Time is happening concurrently, it is only your perception of time that: limits, ages, and has causation attached to it. You are constantly being guided. Even something as small as having the handle break free from your brief-case while walking into work may mean for you to ‘get a handle’ on the day earlier on. People often overlook the small synchronistic nudges they get. Notice when they happen. 

The degree of dysfunction you exhibit is linked to your sense of Spirituality, religion, or the lack of it in your life. You can balance your life with your consciousness.  Thought. The consciousness within you is your calling to a better and higher life, a more sincere and connected way of living. Individual awareness.  Your life is the balance of both day and night, good and bad, the moral and the ethical. The greatest adventure you can ever experience is the one of discovering your true-self, which is within you. Inward. Core and balance. You can travel as far as you’d like, to all types of exotic locations, but within you is the greatest journey for it is about discovering the God within. Indeed. Everything you need is within you.
Most adults have a closed heart chakra because they must live and function within a fear based society.  This chakra slowly closes over time and becomes more self-protecting. In the Holy Bible it speaks of The Seven Seals, The Seven Trumpets, The Seven Vials, all of which correlate with The Seven Chakras within you.  Spirituality. The Chakra systems are the energy keys to your physical body. You can’t see energy; you can’t see faith, Spirituality or religion. But yet, here you are and here are the struggles you try to understand in relation to your everyday life and the ‘major events’ within your life.  A child is conceived, you carry life within you, your parents pass, and another generation begins to come to an awareness of those same events. Cycles. Beginnings. The awareness of awakening, that great journey pertains to you becoming your true self, the God-Child that comes from a space of loving kindness. Again, you have to look no further than within yourself for everything you need. For God is within you.

When the world you live in becomes polluted, so do you. As above as below. It is important to think clean thoughts. As that which is outside, is that which is inside. As is the world you live in, so too you become. You create together as one, there can be no hidden course of events or personal agendas, because inevitably they will crumble if they do not serve the highest good.  The symbiotic nature of your existence is understood through the meaning of the relationships you share with all things.  If you don’t respect yourself, then how can you ever respect anyone else? Or, indeed, anything else.
Over time your consciousness may have the tendency to become polluted or corrupted because of the condition of your world. If you live in a world and upon an earth, that can and is becoming more and more polluted, then so too are your societies and ways of thinking.  Finding a means of detoxification is important. It is not that the universe is quickening and adversely affecting people and their moods, it is that ‘the world you are creating’ is impacting your way of relating to each other, because you are damaging it. Become good takers.

If we were to tell you that your way of thinking shapes how you relate to everything else around you, including time, then think about how the consistency of ‘time and creation’ relate to each other. Yes, yes, you are thinking, you have heard this and you know this. Remember the strength the student brings to the teacher. Time and creation. Both are happening at the same time, both co-exist, both fuse into oneness. Go back to the basics and assume you know little of this vast universe, and try to implement what you know. Small steps. No one living person is there yet, that is what living is about – learning. What if there was no Big Bang, and what if the universe will not end, what if they just are self-maintaining and self-perpetuating.  It is ‘the feelings’ that affect that which is not seen, as they are energy, an internal and eternal form of Living Quantum Physics. On another level, being extensions of the same universe you too are self-perpetuating in more ways than one. You self-perpetuate by introducing your way of thinking to future generations, your habits and ritualized behaviors are generationalized, and then your pass your own beliefs and behaviors forward through generation after generation.
There is much about you that you put into motion. If you react in a way that is not as you would have wanted, with hindsight; you can redirect that energy non-responsively, and change the outcome to one that would be more beneficial.

What, if what, you think of as God was and is a Non-Physical-Entity, or a being of the cosmos, that seeded life upon this planet and His name was Elo-hem or Ya-way. Perhaps sky-beings who are still among you seeded you in hopes of restoring their own diminishing civilization; both Moses and Jesus (The God-Within, never separate from God, but remains one with Him) studied the lessons laid forth by these beings in: Babylon, India and Egypt and what was called Mesopotamia. The men, both of the same energy, and manifestation, came into physical materialization. Freedom of thought, personality responsibility (Kabbalah) is the corner-stone of reason needed to develop the rights of individuals and a socially shared society.  Your way of thinking is the greatest tool you have to master your fear. Your way of belief is the greatest asset you have in teaching love and compassion, human-equality, and tolerance to other generations. Hope. Desire. Dignity.
In your days the punishment you give yourself is far greater than anything your concept of God could do to you. For Spirituality, religion, faith, and God are about: love, forgiveness, belief in goodness and kindness and the hope that through human fragility, trial and error, you can find a means of loving yourself and each other. 

In each man and woman there is the same fear of failure, rejection, and loss. In each man and woman there is the greatest flame of transcendence, of inspiration, of believing. All these emotions, all these sensations are the living breath of God that sustains your every moment. From them spring the wellness of greatness. For, you are someone. You are someone – now. You are a person who matters. You don’t have to measure against anyone else, or against any material thing. For you, the person whose reflection you see each day is a magnificent being who brings with them the potentiality that only they can. That potential comes from deep within you and it is the spark of creation that knows no limitation. Indeed. Love. You are such magnificent beings.




Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dis-ease and disharmony are unreal.


Dis-ease and disharmony are unreal. They are the manifestations of karmic energies, and this life’s heredity, all intertwined into a false manifestation that you make real through your beliefs, thoughts, and life-style. They are not divine, and they dispute the intentions of divine construction and the perfection of universal laws.

These untruths are un-realities, perpetuated myth endorsed by and through testimonies of mortal error. All dis-ease and disease can be healed, halted and eliminated through the affirmation and belief that there is one self-evident truth: that of divine mind, universal mind and God. There is NO truth in error. You have to listen to your inner-landscape and hear what it is saying to you. You have to listen to your intuition and hear. Once your body, the vehicle that carries your soul is impacted beyond the point of repair, it cannot sustain itself. For the body is a physical organic structure and being such it has limitations.

This is why we remind you again and again to forgive, to let go, to heal and move forward within your life. The past is done. You are within this moment, and if you have enough awareness to recognize that then you can begin to correct your thinking.

Only truth is real, only faith sustains. The truth of your faith, that which you choose to make real by believing it manifests within your life and physical body.

What follows is that to make error real, it would be made truth… meaning you have to self-justify and believe in incorrect living.  Error and disease are falsehoods… unless you make the real. They arise from the belief that matter has thought, sensation, and free will. The material senses are unreal and therefore unnecessary… they can be misled. Matter, the material does not have independent awarenesses, or thought, it does not have free-will and the ability to choose. They are unnecessary filters that provide for manifestations of mortal thought, not the true manifestation of divine being.

The very life you manifest and your health are NOT independent from the universe and God and Spirit... Universal Creation. They are bound to spirit and truth. They can be realigned, restored and made whole, as all of God and universe is of wholeness and perfection. There us one truth and one God - Source. We, Michel, teach the Law of Attraction is misused if it is used to manifest material things, substance, and wants. What this does is put wrongful thinking in front of proper thinking. It empowers that which has no meaning, free-will, or Spiritual value over that which does. This Law of Attraction is about you being on center within yourself and placing yourself in proper alignment with Universal laws, not mortal wants.

Sickness, dis-ease, disease and death are a phenomena and an indiscretion- thought manifested and made real though falsehood. The actualized validity of a single belief can make real the manifestation of thought. One cannot heal nor be healed if the attempt is made on a material basis. As you believe, you become. As you affirm through validation, you are.

As you demonstrate your behavior and actions you validate your reality to yourself and others. It is evident that there exists a cause and effect relationship between all bodies of energy. What is of the mind is of God. The universe and its wholeness can be nothing lesser than the perfection of the natural order that maintains it.

Phenomena and mortal experiences are themselves brought to consciousness without recourse to deduction or assumptions from other truths. They are illusions and reactions affirmed and behaviorally reinforced through mechanisms that keep the individual part of the group consciousness. The meaning and belief brought to these affirmations are untruths. They are separate from divine thought and not part of the natural order of life which is weightless, free and perfect. It is of great importance to keep affirmations positive and when you have a thought; it becomes a belief and is put into action.

Just love yourself, and all comes with ease. Do you feel at times that you are dealing in black money or have lost your soul, trading it for something that you thought would make you happy only to discover that you can't fill the hole within. At those times it is important to know that love and perfection are the true harmony of the soul. There is nothing else.

Create from joy and love. Release hardness, darkness and temptation for self-destructive behavior and say, "I just want to be loved." Don't put pride or vanity before your personal dignity. Speak from the heart and know that when you reach out, others reach back. There can be no void. There can be no loss, only the sense of regained dignity when you stand in the affirmations of your own truths. Free yourself and your soul. Just let yourself love and let yourself be loved just be as you were meant to be, pure, expressive and loving. Embrace another, so you can embrace yourself. Michel

You are the living breath of the origins of time itself.

In popular religion many gods are recognized, and properly understood with that specific faith, these are manifestations of the same Source with varying names and protocol. Each god has his or her own function. In Hinduism, the three principal gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, they are super-naturally empowered and serve respectively, each having certain attributes: creating, preserving and destroying. They are joined as the Trimurti, or three powers, reminiscent of the Christian Trinity. Strictly speaking, the creator God does not create in the Judeo-Christian sense for the world is eternal and He or She is simply the God who has been from the beginning, manifested to many people in many ways. But God is within all in a personal and deeply connected manner, linking each individual to the source, their essence and their inner intuitive selves.

Beyond these there is Christ Science, Sciences of Mind, Scientology, and again those relating to nature, such as Wica, Paganism and the like. None separate from the whole. None are right or wrong. Each are linked and connected by the process of worship, atonement, and the realization of something greater than the physical. The universe and divine mind is all, in all, all that has been and all that will be. We are often asked about evil and darkness. In light there is no darkness, and in life there is no death.

Mother Earth that which supports and sustains all life is the physical plane one which the emotions, thoughts, and beliefs of humankind manifest. When the thinking, behavior, and chosen realities of humankind are not in alignment the earth suffers. Nature is the realness of creation, it is the aspect of creation that is ever manifesting and that denotes the characteristics of what is happening within the human-reality.

Evil, doubt and darkness have never existed as a separate entity, for there is no balance or purpose within these. Indeed. These are a false belief, manifested through mortal mind in an attempt to assign blame or responsibility to something outside the self, something that can be so powerful that it can make one do something against one's will. It is alikened to the boogie-man that lurks under the child’s bed that ceases to exist when the child becomes an adult. To the child’s mind it is the harbinger of anxiety and un-natural circumstance that spontaneously manifest without reason… but, when an adult comes into the child’s room and turns the light on all fear is dispelled.

This belief in or about evil, doubt and darkness is a form of idolatry, having 'other Gods before me' when there is nothing before and nothing after God, for there is just the perfection of universe, divine mind and God. It is a lack of faith. Nothingness. All things were made of and by God and Spirit. All things were made by a universal force that cannot be full explained by one belief or set of ideologies. What is of perfection can only create perfection. Hence, good and perfection are real. Therefore evil, the opposite of good and perfection, is just this - unreal.

Faith is hope. It is the process of positive belief that keeps you going and is affirmed in and through your convictions. Doubt is like wading in mud. It is thick and heavy and pulls you down into it further and further. Doubt is torment. It is of mortal mind and not natural.
Know you are of the light, of the one Source. You are the begining and the end; you are the living breath of the origins of time itself... infinite, and ever-lasting. Michel

When your conscience bothers you.

When your conscience bothers you, you are damned before you begin, negating your position of growth. Damned is defined as that which is doomed to failure. At times we can be cheeky. And you thought we were above such things… but herein is the rub, as you say, within your conscience and minds-eye you know when you have done wrong, and when you have acted in ways that caused harm to another. You have to live with this. You know, and your inner-landscape knows. Make things right with yourself and with that other person.

Make the attempt to heal, forgive and move-forward. Your life will be measured by what you work-through to a successful conclusion. The strength of any relationship is measured by the adversity you come through, how you talk it out, how you forgive it, and how you come together to embrace each other.
Anyone can walk away. Anyone can turn their back on another and shut someone out. But, to own your part in a dynamic, to reach out, and to move and progress, through a bad dynamic making it good… will only strengthen your bond with that person. Learn to trust. Learn to believe. And learn to work with someone, another, for a common good. See the best in each other.

Fear not, for human-kind should not be ashamed. No one should be ashamed of themselves. Different people in learn in different ways. You should not be bewildered or confused, for you will not be put to shame and doubt. All life on this plane and within this dimension is based on learning, evolving and experiencing, bringing you to your higher self through these interactions. Negativity increases until you are forced to look at your life and re-evaluate where you are within that life. There is a karmic path, a thread that travels throughout the tapestry of your life. You can look at a tapestry and see an intricately woven design, but usually it is one long thread among many that make up that image. Pull the thread, and the tapestry begins to unravel. Stop pulling at the threads of your life. Follow the thread… see where it leads. For all energy returns to its source. And remember, if there was not love, or a strong attraction, there would not be: hurt, anger or resentment. Rediscover the love.
The person who has doubts and misgivings stands condemned to failure before they begin; as they do not act from faith and they doubt themselves. If you tell yourself something for long enough you’ll begin to believe it. Do not say harsh things about yourself and do not speak badly about yourself in front of yourself.

The act of faith is a process of casting something greater than yourself down before you and stepping upon it. This something is the guarantee of the abundancy of God’s and Spirit’s perfection from which you were conceived and created. The aspects of God and the religious formats and conceived thoughts and perceptions of God were implanted within your DNA and memories to give you a basic societal structure. Memories are also soul-memories; and from this your creativity and imagination spring forth to bring new life through the conception of your thoughts.

·        Belief is what you choose to believe.

·        Faith this that which you choose believe.

·        Belief and faith are nothing more than personal definitions of what you choose to hold within your consciousness as truth.

 As individuals who come from various regional areas, your belief systems have been modified and adapted to serve you and maintain you within the context of your evolutionary process. As you evolve and your minds expand, so do your concepts of self and dimensionality. You push further and explore new possibilities for your existence and evolution.
The process of creationism speaks to God's and Spirit’s miraculous intervention to explain the origin of the universe, of life and of the different kinds of plants and animals on earth and within the universe. But then again you ask, "Who and what is God?" When we speak of God we speak in terms of attributes. For instance, God is: infinitude, immutability, eternity, goodness, knowledge (omniscience) and power (omnipotence). We ascribe to God certain human traits and characteristics; God is: compassionate, forgiving and understanding and tempers wrath and anger with forgiveness. We also assign dominant male qualities to your conception of that which is not conceivable by referring to God as 'He'. God offers hope and salvation where there would be desolation and failure. Humankind deifies its own image in order to make sense of its world. Michel

Friday, February 1, 2013

Basic Michel teachings.

I have survived many challenges and learning experiences: my NDE - Near Death Experience, and the passing of loved ones through many forms of transition: suicide, kidney failure and ovarian cancer and HIV. What has given me my foundation is the knowledge that we are reflections of God, Divine Mind and the Universe's perfection. For me, my life is about - faith. This is our strength. To stand on this foundation of strength all we have to do is deflect negativity, which is anything that is not Divine. This is the power of God, of Divine Mind and Universal Perfection.  Michel has given through me, these basic teachings, that are unique to him, and I now share them with you.

The simple action of reflect and deflect.
To INTEND or to DIRECT ACTION is to create and manifest positive outcome. By directing action and intending a positive outcome from that manipulated behavior you script your reality. You through your choices shape your beliefs, those beliefs shape your perspective... and your perspective defines your quality of life. By scripting your reality through staged manipulation you can pull out of predicted behaviors and the resulting expected reaction, giving way to successful behaviors with beneficial outcomes.

Each person co-creates with all those around them.

We, Michel, do NOT endorse the commonly accepted principles of The Law of Attraction which is increasingly used for self-gain and materialism. We also do NOT endorse the use of: treasure mapping, abundancy boards, or affirmation boards where people post and put up images of everything, meaning things, they do not have but want. All this does is affirm lackage. It is a reminder of what you covet, and do not have within your life.

Spiritual abundance comes from being on center within who you are, and doing what you enjoy. It is a rather simple process. Know who you are. Know what you are about and be proud of that. Pursue the life that makes you fulfilled and happy. And, do no intentional harm to another.
RESHAPING AND UNDERSTANDING your individual dynamics allows you to heal and flow within life giving energy. Compartmentalizing and stuffing your issues causes them to manifest many ways, often in your physiology. Illness and lack of focus are the remnants of these unresolved conflicts and unhealed injuries. Within you there is the unlimited ability to redefine yourself.

  • Accept who you are.
  • Accept how you are.
  • Be proud of both: who you are, and how you are.
  • Understand you are equal to all others.

But without mistakes or errors you cannot grow and move forward. You will make mistakes and errors in judgement and sometimes you won't be proud of behavior... but, once you realize this you can move forward and live in a way that you can be proud of. These are learning moments. Never intentionally hurt another. Recognizing the causes and patterns and acknowledging their impact and forgiving yourselves are the basic steps to wholeness of mind and body.
IMPACTING is the manifesting of the energy of conflict and unresolved issues within the body. Errorous thought and negative emotions gather, continually creating themes of drama until the body's trigger points react. These manifestations and unresolved conflicts can cause serious illness. Your body follows where your mind's reality leads. Impacting often increases until these conflicts and root issues are dealt with. If you do things and act in ways that create problems and inbalance, then you will manifest this in your life... you know when you have done things that are not right, and you know when you have hurt another, no matter how you self-justify it. How you live, how you think, how you interact with other will shape the person you become. Start to be a person you can be proud of.
EQUILIBRIUM in your life is of utmost importance in maintaining spiritual harmony. It is being dead center in who you are, recognizing wrongs and rights. This is the opposition of opposing forces being equal in strength - rest in motion.
Divine Mind is all, distinct from all and greater than all. The very concept is ineffable, and yet the thought of Divine Mind only expresses the human concept and ideal of divinity. The opposing side of this is negativity expressed by mortal mind and through free choice. Negative subsistence can never be anything but negative subsistence. It cannot vary, it cannot develop and it cannot evolve. It just pools and becomes stagnant. For, in and of itself, negative subsistence is nothing but a projected sense of manifested mortal thought. However, negative existence has hidden within it positive life force. For in the limitless depths of the abyss of negativity lies the hidden power of Divine Mind, the power of projecting divine thought and love. This one spark, which makes all the glory of the sun and universe, recreates itself in our own individualized but universal reflection. Divine Mind is abundant in mercy and in countenance.
All of you, and we, Michel, mean all of you, have been angry, resentful, and 'acted out' from time to time in an inappropriate manner. That is human, that is a process about learning... you learn. You adapt, you grow and you learn to be kinder and more respectfully caring. You have all brought drama into your lives and perhaps not always reacted as well as you could have to unexpected life events.
But one thing we are sure of is; that this alone makes you all too human. You project your own unique perspective of the reality you live in and therefore draw that energy into your lives... because you recreate what you know... good or bad. At some point in time you may find it benefical to focus on the good.
You all manifest the results of your perspective which you arrive at due to your own free will, oftentimes assigning the responsibility of your behavior and reactions onto those 'who caused it' rather than owning it yourselves and simply moving on.
Now is the time to hug someone and let go of the pain. Make it right. Indeed. Tell someone you are sorry, tell someone you love them, tell them they matter. Now is the time to own your behaviors and grow beyond them by embracing them. Now is the time to learn to love yourself in an unconditional manner so you can love someone else in an unconditional manner. You have to learn to love yourself. Indeed.
This means loving someone for their errors and mistakes, offering them understanding and compassion at these times and a gentle guiding voice of reason without enabling them to displace any of their past issues onto you or anyone else. This means forgiving yourself.
Issue work should be directed singularly at the cause of events which created the interpretation of that reality. Know who you are. Stop creating drama. Stop the negative way of pulling other's into your conflict. START liking yourself.
Unconditional Love is not loving someone or yourself if you do this, or if you see it my way, or a specific way, or if you do that. It is loving someone always and remaining accessible to them during the challenges of growth periods while not allowing yourself to become immersed in their work. You all have to do your own work.
This web site is a means of sharing a path of growth and self-actualization.
It's about the human experience, human pasts and the journey to discover the presence that fills your universes and individual lives. On this journey you have many chances and opportunities to manifest the 'ease of being.' The true keepers of spirit are those who over come obstacles each and everyday, whether it's just getting up and going to the market, reigning in addictive habits, or looking beyond one's self to God and Spirit.
 It is through these learning experiences that you are able to discover the perfection that already resonates within. Michel

Again, these writings are channeled information from source or whatever name you choose to give your perception of deity, universal awareness, origins or God.

You are not within the past, but within this moment.

You are of this third dimensional existence and are physically mortal and material. We, this channeled energy are wholly spiritual, of Divine Mind and immortal... formless. In other words, we were at one time nearly of mortal flesh as you are now and we are now of immortal spirit. But elected to stay as spirit. Not all life is as you know it.

Being this, there is nothing of the material world that can alter or change our, Michel's spiritual self, being that this is of God and universe - perfection of being. As too are you... perfection of being. Different. Unique. But much of the same source. Error is that which does not serve you well as it is based in mortal thought and the material which has no sensation, mind or independent action of thought. It is illusive and fleeting.

You are placed in your 'here and now' at this moment in time - not in the past or in the future, but here and now, at this moment - an eternal being derived from universal essence and capable of nothing less than creating through abundancy. Within this moment, as you hear our words you are learning, processing and taking in information on a vibrational level that will imprint within your being. You will take what you need, and you will leave the rest.

Material senses, the human expression of mortal thought and mortal mind is misleading, deriving no cognitive reasoning from God or the spiritual self. God, universe and Divine Mind believe and affirm that these things alone (the spiritual aspect of all) maintain the indisputable truth that these alone are the reality of existence. This refers to moral goodness and physical wellness found in practical daily life and demonstrated through divine strength. Life is ongoing. It is shapeless, until your perspective places upon it the urgency and importance you give it.

The single contradictory thought and belief which opposes this is of death. This is an errorous thought and opposed to the truth found in the indisputable fact that God and universe, as you, the individual, are whole, perfect and immortally infinite.

What does not serve you well, error, has no light. It has no life and no connection to the divine. It is without meaning. In light there is no darkness and in death there are only new beginnings. All that is of God and universe is of light and has no error or darkness or death associated with it. Immortal life is inseparable from God and the individual.Inseparable. Indeed.

You are responsible for your choice of conversation and your thought, hence your actions. Your practice of belief, your realization and connection to the divine, the purity of your being is limited by immature and self-serving demonstrations. Through incorrectly established ambition and desire, you set about your own defeat. You cannot be within your faith and upon solid ground if you depart through demonstrations of self-actualized, unprincipled, and unfocused understanding of your only true nature, that of divine mind, the ease of being founded and maintained by and through oneness of action.

Keep your thoughts and conversations to that which is maintained by prudent behavior and thoughts. Where your thoughts go your body will follow. Know that there is one of you, a unique, physical being created in the image of universe, God, and all that is. This is a priceless being whose reflection predisposes a diverse ability to create through the abundant ease of being.

No one else can do what you do, bringing forth the unity of naturally occurring essences that only you can, which will allow you, as you go about your life, to touch many, heal many, and love richly.

Embrace the uniqueness that is you, March to your own drummer and believe in the limitless attainments available to you. Live, love and learn. Michel

This transcript is a dialogue between Reid and Michel.

This transcript is a dialogue between Reid and Michel as they walked through the ruins of an old village in the back woods of what is called the  "Haunted Village of Lost Voices". Bara Hack is located in Pomfret, Connecticut, and was abandoned after the Civil War. This conversation took place on one summer's afternoon. The three photos included here were actually taken on that walk and as you can see, offered a few dimensional surprises when they were developed.

"How do I believe in and maintain my convictions ? So many criticize me for being opinionated or too masculine in my deamenour. How do I handle this ?"

Believing is a process of firmness and constancy. It is the perception of one spiritual thought and truth. It is the realization that mortal thought is that of illusion, of what you think it to be rather than the joyous abundant energy it is. People will usually project onto you that which they: lack, want, or see within themselves... and then some may feel threatened by you. No one said that this would be an easy process. It is easier for them to find fault with you than to look too closely at their own lives. You will have to be true to your gift.

Everything is energy, yes I know, but I struggle with balance... I have always been more soft spoken and gentle, yet at times it seems as if everyone expects me to be more dominant. Being with people is increasingly difficult for me.

Let me answer you this way. There are no assumptions in the process of creationism. Man was put forth in whole upon this planet. He did not come from egg and ovum or earth or woman. In the beginning there was one thought, that of Divine Mind manifested. Every thought is the forebearer of creation for in each thought is that manifestation of action and from this action is the consequence of that thought. 'Adam' is greater than and much more than the first man and being. He is the society of 'Adam', the humanity for and of mankind. He is and was both female and male. He, the 'Adam,' is the direct manifestation of Divine Thought.

No one person is fully in-touch with themselves, they struggle to find balance. They see you as the energy not fully grasping that it is our energy that they are responding to. All they know is what they see, their perspective is locked into the physical and visual. They see you as us, and me, Michel, as you. For us to speak, we need you. For you to learn you need us, Michel.

All that is Divine and of Nature is a process of balance. Even the seasons have balance. Even these have a vibrant presentation and a time for rest. You will find that when energy is balanced there is calm and focus. This is the natural expression of your being - love and harmony.

Sometimes, more times than not, I don't feel very harmonious. I get angry, hurt and I feel alone. I want to be hugged and feel safe. I want to know God and I want to know how to keep these feelings away from me. You know... I am just sooo tired of everyone knowing me when no one does, and of everyone judging me. He's too tall, he's too fat, he's too short, he's this and that... and no one takes the time to know - me.

To try to search for God and Deity is to search for the physical in one's reflection. The image is there but the body is not as spirit is weightless and is of energy. To embrace one's physical self is to embrace God. To forgive one's self is to forgive all others. To understand one's self is to be compassionate to all others.

This is about you, for you are the physical. But, you take in too much. Stand back, don't get so attached, don't become so accessable. Keep it about the work, the message, the teachings.

The light of Divine Mind and God is the light of knowledge. It is of one truth - that through the harmony of Universal Love there is no error, there is no pain, and there is no fear. For in light there is no darkness, in truth there is no lie and in life there is no death.

You miss your soul-mother and think of her often. David, she is with you more than you know. Remember that Maria saw her behind you, and Maria had never met you, nor your soul-mother. When Jean passed you were left - alone. All that is gone is her physical self. She is well and whole and with you more than you know. Think of soft words and that which soothes and heals. Music, poems and life all have a rhythm and light that transforms and lifts the self into a place of weightless perfection. The words of Divine Mind are sweet, like nectar from the ripened vine bearing fruit. They soothe the worn soul and make whole the broken half. In midnight's amber glow there is only the relaxing sound of stars sleeping.

Without bitter herbs there would be no taste for the pleasing for after night and rest there is always the warmth of day. Divine Mind and Universal Awareness reflect calm, health, wholeness and infinite life. Love heals all and Divine Mind is all. You are The Truth, Long Life and Unlimited Love of the universe's unlimited abundancy reflected in body, mind and soul.

So, in this I will tell you that the process is about putting light around everything. Just everything. Call in and upon the universe and its entities of light and well being to fill each part of your life and day. For in and from this you will learn only positive affirmations. From each experience you can learn and find a positive lesson. It is about Christ Energy and the purity of the channel and allowing, tolerance and patience. Guiding with a gentle hand, yet firm enough to keep the word at the forefront of thought.

Why? So you can grow in wisdom and compassion? So you can accept yourself and others? Hummm, so you can learn to let go and just be an expression of purity? And then... what about those closest to you, the one's you think are your friends who can turn on you because you're not what they want you be? Or because you have a human side and they wanted to be near you so they could live out their dream and desires while you do all the work? And what about the times they didn't like what you said? Humm, what about those times? Sometimes I get real tired of being nice, just so I can get slugged, lied about and manipulated. Real good. But what choice do I have?

You, especially you, always have a choice. Right now you are doing work and searching. You are still healing. But let me warn you about your tone. You choose to continue these relationships. It feeds your ego. Then when it suits you and only then do you decide to change the dynamics of the relationship and interaction. You should deal with these things as soon as you touch on the knowing immediately. You are getting better, and I do understand. At times you reason like a child. But, do not ramble and test me.

Do not be boastful and do not be judgmental, least yea will be judged. For as you do to the smallest, I will feel the greatest. For as your utter a thought of disregard for another, I will hear their pain. You should always strive to serve your higher self for in healing yourself you can give of yourself to another. If you are judgmental, where will you be at that point? At the same point, with no growth, only damaging yourself further and deeper. You do this to yourself. I do not do this to you. Listen to my words and keep their simple values about yourself. For in being judgmental you pull and gather other judgmental people around you, do you not?

The more judgmental you are, the more frenetic the energy in your field becomes.

Sprites at a Well.
The energy of two 'sprites' is visible, each circled in red.
Everything about is energy. The energy in your field and all the energy that resonates within contains your past, present and future - your ongoing 'Tree of Life', your ongoing 'Book of Life', or 'Life Review'. This is constantly being scribed by your thoughts and deeds with every action and reaction you put forth. These dynamics are everchanging and evolving.

Place you thoughts in the light. There is only blessing and unlimited love in the light. All experiences are learning experiences. They are had and then you simply move on to new experiences in that new moment in your time. For each man is connected to the society of man. He is truly his brother. He is the hope and dream of every other man. All humanity is connected to all humanity. Support each other and be kind. Love each other and trust. Trust each other and allow yourself to receive another's love. Remember all enegy, all energy, returns to its origins.


No more questions. Walk and listen. Feel the ground under your feet. This is important, to walk on the land and feel its energy. Listen to all that nature is saying. David, stop thinking and accept. Remember what Abner has told you and everyone, "God, Goddess, All That Is." We would say, "God gave us all that is, was and will be." You always liked David Burgess and his non-physical Abner and I could sense your interest in his ability and in his channel. His nature is gentle, and gentleness has always interested you.

David, remember this. Nothing will be as important as this, so take it to heart. It is not about being judgmental and being limited. Each person has the right to determine his own reality and the lessons derived from the specific needs the energy sets forth. Each person, each individual has the right, the right, to their own learning lessons. Do not interfere with another person's learning experience.

It is best to say, "I see about you the energy of an event or situation that you are struggling with and are at resistance with". Place this energy in the light. Bless it and release it. Life is not designed to be lived with fear, anger or pain, and especially not with anxiety. Allow yourself to move into that emotion. Do not react to it. Do not feed into it emotionally. Let it fill you and sense it so you can recognize the sensation. Understand it, then pull it up and into your heart.

Fill yourself with warmth and love. Open your heart and release those sensations and know they were places that the light was not reaching. Once in the light they fade into nothingness.

Okay, wait. I have a question. Sometimes I hear you and the knowledge flows into my mind and it's all clear. I look at the person and as David start to talk with them and I can see they aren't getting it. You know, they're not hearing it. They wanted to know, they asked, but then they look blankly at you. Come on, explain to me why? I mean, why do people seemingly want help and then they don't listen, don't take it or don't even heed it?

Some people can't hear. Some people refuse to hear. Some people only look for the information they want. Rather simple... isn't it. It truly isn't complicated. You want them to hear... but, they can't. Their coming is an attempt to hear, and slowly, very slowly, with time and over time, they may begin to hear... but they will fault you before they ever admit to themselves that it is their ego preventing them from hearing.

So eager, I knew you couldn't listen much longer without a question. But this is good. People want to know that they are not bad, that they have not been wrong in their decision making and that they really do the right thing. However, you and I know this is not often the case. It is not up to us under any circumstance to prove or validate their reality. It is not up to us to validate our ability or accuracy to them. You must remember it is about energy. Simply energy.

When you tell someone their truth, it is your interpretation of that truth from what you are gleaning from their energy field. You are not in channel at that moment and you are simply pulling from existing energy. What you are getting is their energy at that moment in time. These dynamics are just that - dynamic and changing. By doing this you either interrupt their natural path of learning and discovery or you meet resistance as they can not comprehend nor appreciate the gift you are sharing with them. You must not interfere with their life journey, for while on this journey they are scribing their Life Review. They will not appreciate the insights you give them. They want the quick fix, the easy resolve, and they don't want the responsibility that comes with their own decision making arrived at by their own free will.

It is difficult to be of spirit and perfection when you have a body that expresses itself though emotion and tactile senses. The process of balance and focus is fundamental to your success. The physical self and mortal mind expressing want, the spiritual self and Divine Mind expressing need. Align them so they can begin to understand that the universe resonates with them and responds to their vibrations. Life is designed to be easy and to flow. When you have a thought it is put into action. That vibration resonates with its familiar components to supply the affirmation or like energy to you. It is about the energy.

Most people want to blend. They want to be accepted and not have their way of thinking challenged. People need love and reassurance. Families are fragmented and people are searching. Give them genuine concern and love. We often times get caught up in the visual or the drama and intensity of the moment. We can not gauge and judge these things, nor react to them, for we do not know why these energies or entities have come together. Usually it is to work out and resolve past issues of past lives or ongoing issues of conflict, and also to increase the sense of spirituality and bring closure in accordance with the needs of those energies at that moment in time. It is about filling that small dark corner we stuff and hide within with light and love. It is about filling your energy field with forgiveness, understanding and compassion. Be tender with yourselves and love yourselves for if you cannot extend these things to yourself, how will you ever expect others to extend these things to you?

Not too long ago, when we were in Ithaca, we were put in an a place of dis-ease. The human side of you allowed this to happen as you needed to learn to release and not judge. By releasing you learned that you could fill that part of woundedness within yourself with light and have compassion for the one who hurt you and the 'work'. This was an important time for you in your evolution. Of your own design and in your own time, you came to see the purpose of that person's energy interacting with yours which was to draw from you, isolate you and have that part of yourself for themselves which they coveted. Finally you came to the place where you could not endure sharing that energy and you released that person, separated and moved back into your own place to heal and become whole. Your process of becoming whole was taking the time you needed to fill your being with the light of Divine Mind and project light around the person who, out of their own need, set this into motion. You could not have learned to release and bless if you had not gone through this.

When you were in the light I came to you and have stayed with you as I always will. Just as you now have the affirmation that all of your friends have returned, as what was, will always be, when it comes from the heart. You have had affirmation after affirmation and the bounty of the universe continues. Once, as you say, "you got off the pity pot " and stopped saying "what did I do to deserve this? I was only kind to her?" you began to learn that the focus was on what you were about. Your past-based perceptions came from the unresolved wounds within and what you were doing and what you were feeling. It was not about the energy. Once you focused on the energy and the compassion for this other person, you were able to understand that sharing in that energy was not healthy for you and was of discomfort. But you knew there was this discomfort for a long time. You had a sense of dis-ease with this person for the past 5 months yet you continued to say, "It must be me. I must not be trying hard enough." I think this says it all, does it not? So it got harder, so you could try harder and the resistance got greater, and their need to control and have power got greater. Everything could have been adverted, had you listened to yourself 5 months ago. You knew you did not listen. This is what your intuition is for. I am with you always and yet you falter from time to time with your mortal thought. Ah, the paradox. Finally.

Do not grow impatient. Sit here with me and feel what I say to you. You need to get out of your own way.

If you allow yourself to be abused you will be. If you allow yourself to be used you will be.

This is no one's fault. You needed to learn this lesson. The lesson of light and dark and that only you can step aside when you have finally learned to love and release. And you finally have. For so long this was the difficult step for you. So, this has been the greatest gift. Keep your foundation in the light. Keep yourself pure and honest. What others say and do are part of their belief system, and this is okay. It only impacts when you share a belief in thought. If it is disharmonious, release it and continue your journey. I did not interfere untill near the end when it was my time to step in and all I said to you was "Allow yourself to love yourself and release this energy from you."
It is hard to watch those you love learn. Understanding is struggled with. Ithaca has served you well as you are becoming more of a reasonable man. Recall the question of one younger woman when she asked about children. The child who is miscarried is not mis-carried, but rather leaves due to a mutual decision arrived at by these energies. This brief union is a way of working through issues of spirituality and closure. They decided to come together to strengthen the two selves in wisdom, increase a sense of spirituality and bring together energies from the past which needed tender closing. Perhaps the energy of the child needed to be placed in an environment where it could be safe, loved and healed and then released and move on. Perhaps the mother needed to be cared for and protected, and needed to come to a deeper sense of spirituality. Their union is now and forever in their energy fields and the energy of the child will always be at one with the mother as her guide and teacher.

What threw you were the mirrors and energy that you were feeling from the other with whom you had not yet separated. And this was compounded by the pain of this young woman. Skepticism and validation come from those most injured, those who have been wounded, hurt and taken advantage of. They often feel that life has been unfair to them and they have not been given the love they need. To soften their pain you must hold them in the light. Reach into their soft spot where they are vulnerable and let them know they are safe. Let the love you have within fill their being. Allow healing to occur by showing them that they can trust. They must learn to trust someone and by you having their best intentions at heart they will let you in. Then you can exchange energy with them. Looking for love, that is all they are doing. Trust and love. Assurance and tenderness.

A wise channel, Matthew, once said, "There is a difference between phenomena and knowledge."

This is the difference between the Christ and the Anti-Christ. You think of the Bonnie and trust her, as much as you are willing to. You look to her and are fascinated by Matthew. There is a reason for this. Your energies are connected and resonate well together in a pure form of understanding and communication. Outsiders will not understand this but their perceptions do not matter. This is for the best. Only good will come from this. This is the reason we went to the meeting. Energies will always be made whole. The Bonnie shared this with you. Christ is light and the Anti-Christ, ego. Let light and wisdom be your guide. Always move into a place of simplicity and feel its wholeness. How true this is.

When you make a decision and have a thought, the universe responds and this becomes an action wherein you are starting the process of creation. When you have a warning light, David, are you listening? When flags and what you call your 'bell of truth' go off, listen. Put your mortal and emotional thought into that which you want and turn your attention away from that which you don't want.

Do not concern yourself with what others think of you. When you remove yourself from your shared interaction you are pro-active in controlling your own thoughts and outcomes.

Most individuals are not in control of their own life and experiences. They are influenced by that which surrounds them and what 'others' strive to obtain, reflecting material status and success. This is a trap which many get caught up in. The intensity of emotions suppress the focus of calm. Once you remove yourself from the intensity or non-aligned energies, you regain you own direction and momentum. Momentum is naturally occurring and each individual has their own pace of learning and discovery. Once in your own space you can manifest and create from a positive foundation.

The size of this bright glowing sphere of energy is deceptive,
measuring approximately 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide. This is a group
consciousness time portal which lies at the intersection of two ley
lines - a dimensional gateway where energy flows without reference
to time. And you can hear people walking and the wagon wheels of
times long past.
Your friend 'the Bonnie' has been a great source of affirmation to you... many complicated past lives. Indeed. Closeness. As has 'the Eddie' with whom there is a connection of energy... but in years to come you will find he is not the friend you think; but you need to learn this. Indeed.  'The Sharon' who is connected through past energies reunited to be made whole and heal... the purest and youngest of the energies, and all others that affirm to you the universe is all abundant. 'The Carrie.' Ah yes, Carrie. A child of trust. She is very special and has a connection to the source. She is very gifted and these intuitions will grow. Some will come and some will pass; for a person comes into another's life for a season, years, or a lifetime. But all is in-place for an exchange of learning. All is in-place for awarenesses to grow and for insights to be learned. The timing was right for this reunion.

Then there is 'the Sharon and Randoso' light-beings, 'the Debi and Jim' of the earth and kindness, 'the Hedi and Hank' and yes, even 'the Amy', 'the Don and Barbara', 'the Lee', who affirms the positive, tender and loving side of friendship. They are your teachers. Most will leave, they will pass into Spirit... yes, some suddenly, some by their own fate, and some due to agedness. Then there is one who you hold closest, always have, and never speak of... it is the same for the other. Both, too young, too different, and too unaware. Somethings you never get over, not even with time... this is the scar on your heart. The universe and unconditional love have been and always will be abundant for you.

In time David it is you own body that will give out... it will just, stop. This is how it is. Life is an ongoing journey, it is hallmarked with good and bad moments. There are truths, but the greatest truths are the one's you choose to believe, because you make them real.

All of these people and their energies have been strongly supportive and with you the whole journey. Through prayer and love, they have held a place for you in their heart and prayed when you have not even been aware of it. Being yourself is the most natural way to be. It is the purest expression and the most well-serving. It brings honor and respect to yourself and to the others who share a sense of communion with you. For in truth, each man is his brother's keeper. Let the accordance of your faith be seen in his reflection.

David, there is a power in words. This power is great. It is the perception each individual has applied through their own reference points and life experiences. Once you hear a word, or words, and listen to conversations wherein others have strung and riddled, you and others can be overpowered by their intensity. When these words do not serve your higher self they do not vibrate well within and they lower your vibrational level. If you listen to harshness and 'gossip', you are participating in this interaction through thought. You are setting these thoughts into action by giving them life through your energy. Step aside from these words and interactions. If they do not serve your higher self then release them and those that bring them to you.

The process of well-being and creating is based in harmony. The intentions of your own thoughts become manifestations and reactions, which, in turn, become deeds which, in turn, become part of your 'life history' or, if you will, 'life review'. Your life review is ongoing and changing from moment to moment.

Negative-based reactions come from past wounds and habits, from old intentions that no longer serve you well. They are 'comfort' points of expected behaviors and responses.

Do not compare yourself to others. There is no positive value or benefit in this - that of comparing material affirmations. This is putting your attention on that which you do not want rather that which would serve you well and as such, be of positive affirmation. Focus on the perfection and uniqueness that makes you yourself and know this is of God and the Universe. Focus on yourself in your here and know and affirm your daily blessings. Comparisons are thoughts which focus energy on something being better than something else, implying that something is inferior. In Divine Mind all is of perfection, as all serves its purpose in and of its own time and design.

Hummm, so all I have to do is allow. Simply allow and find the sensation of the place of truth within myself and come from that spot?

Yes, any and all interactions you share are special forms of expression between two people. Put your faith down and stand upon it. Always respect this and always, always, come from your heart.

Allow yourself the weightless wholeness that is infinite, eternal and of the perfection of light. Focus on the joy of creating and the beauty within. Focus on the positive and the universe's abundancy for there is always more - more love, more beauty, more light and more knowledge. The universe, all that is of its energy, is infinite. You are designed for positive affirmation of unlimited success in life. We have discussed much during this walk. Look at it closely and go beyond the words to the feeling within them. We are on a good path. Be at peace and feel calm for all is restored and made whole.

Return to the soil that you were seeded within and take strength. Go... breathe, teach, and return to that which gave you us, Michel.

Remember all energy returns to its source.