Thursday, July 3, 2014

How you speak outwardly, is how your soul hears you speaking to it through its journey of consciousness.

“Michel, can you clarify The Law of Attraction?”


We, Michel, will share with you gently that you have been schooled by many in the misuse and misinterpretation of The Law of Attraction. If you are meant to draw anything to you it is the basic universal concept of expansion, which means that you can ever-presently draw to you the essence of love and the expansion of universe existence and life. This means you are conceived to learn, designed to adapt and… live to learn. 


The universe does not know good or bad, it does not reward or punish - it exists and functions through the expression of existence and expansion. All life is meant to: survive, adapt, re-adapt, learn and to expand outwardly through its soul expression. This has NOTHING to do with life circumstances, life events, or material wants. You do not randomly draw them to you. You do not passively draw them to you because of how you think or because of the thoughts you have. The universe has NOTHING to do with the way you think and the aftermath of those thoughts. Nothing.


You are a soul, within a physical body. It is the body that has the mindful awareness, not the soul. The soul is the animater of the beingness.


Awareness. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Reward and punishing and your thinking. These processes are not even related. You have many thought throughout your day… good moods, and bad moods, good days and bad days… these are about you, your choices, your moods, and how you choose to act and react - all of which are directly connected to your personality, the mind you have, the brain you use, and how you choose to validate your experiences… or blame others or yourself… or be passive aggressive, or aggressively minded. Sometime you may become so upset with your friend, partner, lover, or associate you may think anything but kind thoughts regarding them. They are just thoughts. Emotional charged awarenesses. What immediate global chaos there would be if thought activated consequence. The universe plays no part in the consequence of those thoughts. NONE of which are part of the greater universal plan. Again, the universe does not reward or punish. It is an ongoing process of ever-present expansion, and that expansion is naturally occurring and only knows existence.


In the beginning there was the word. In the beginning there was sound. In the beginning there was fusion, energy, and the spark of an expression that is constantly moving outward without guilt or shame, without reward or punishment and without consequence. The Law of Nature is to do no harm with intent. The Law of Nature is to adapt and to survive and to ensure existence. Look at life, all the life around you and yet it does not seek validation. All beingness wants to ensure its existence… no one and no living thing wants to die or be punished, or be harmed. All beingness wants to - LIVE !!! The seasons change. Plants grow, bloom, pollinate and share their beauty. Poison Ivy did not attract its reactive oil to it to infect those who might come in contact with it. The snake that bites does so when it is threatened to protect or survive. But, you, yes you, have the ability to think and to choose. You can weigh your options. How often have you heard someone say, “I can be a real bitch…”, or someone say, “I can be a real bastard…”, well they are telling you exactly how they plan on acting out and who they are - they are choosing to so define themselves. We will remind you that you should not say bad things about yourself, in front of yourself, or others.

You are genetic beings that are physical beings within this third-dimensional life and being so you are subject to many things including illness, bad timing, poor choices, and even joy.


There is a saying that as you think you are. But moreso, as you think you become. This is proactive. It is about how you choose to act or react, and it is about your physiological and psychological make-up combined with many other factors. And it is about your genetics and breeding. Yes, breeding. Why is it that you can speak about breed dogs for show, horses for racing and yet when it comes to humans you think this doesn’t apply? If the agreement is to be consistent then would not all those other living things regardless of species or type, bacteria, or organism, ‘draw to them’ their lifetime experiences… so everything from the daisy, to the poison ivy, to the dog and horse, and on and on, somehow esoterically are to be blamed for drawing to them their existence, or fortune, and or misfortune to them by how they think? Such foolishness. Yes, the poison ivy grew in order to one day have you spray it with a systemic plant killer. The dog or cat that was euthanized created that reality because it needed to learn the experience of death and somehow it drew it to them. Foolishness. It is as simple as this; there is a nature to all things and sometimes that is all it is. Nothing more, nothing less. There is - randomness.     


Such thinking! Now let’s start with the basics. First, you are an independently minded physical third-dimensional being that has a soul. Secondly, that soul may have had many prior lives and yet many future lives, but within this physical body you have only one brain and memory and that is limited to this body within this lifetime. You don’t get the benefit of the soul’s memory or even retrieval because the soul as an extension of universal consciousness’s function is to expand its awareness for ascension and not for material gain.  Finally, you get to choose to select, here and now within this life, and to change your mind as many times as you desire to learn and to try and raise you consciousness.


The next reminder is that you are co-creators. You are the God, if you will, of your life, for you choose. You are the supreme architect of your life. You choose how to respond to the good news and bad new within your life. You can be bitter or joyful. You can be sour or grateful. No one else makes these choices for you. You can choose to act in honorable ways, to be decently minded, and to co-create with others in a beneficial manner to strive to the highest and greatest good. Or not. Period.


Sounds harsh. Is that not what you are thinking? But does it? If you realize that there is no super-natural way of surmounting your life and your life experiences you begin to realize that you can become proactive within your own co-creational process. You can set the path. You can see the vision. You can plan for that success. You can change the dynamic.


The universe is ever part of your inner-verse. The atoms and electrons are alikened to the sun and the planet’s which orbit it. People like to hear that whatever their recovery or issues are, that they will be painless and easy. A quick answer. There is none. None. Not one. And there you are signing up for yet another feel good seminar and that is fine, for people gather to feel good and within that feel good moment an awakening can happen. A spark can ignite. But a time comes when you need to start putting what you are learning into action. But that feel good wares off and soon you need another fix to misdirect your mindful intent.


Start by being mindfully intent of what you need to do to correct your path and set yourself straight. Let go. Forgive. Let that universal consciousness of ever-expansion flow downward through your crown chakra and let its warmth fill your awakened mind with radiant warmth. Let that feeling flow through you washing away all conflicting thought, all blockages, all fear, and let it flow freely down through you into mother-earth where it dissipates into nothing… nothingness. For Divine Mind knows no error and within Divine Mind there is no conflict and there is no need for material validation.


All you have is within you. This is so simple and like with all simple thing so difficult because you have to learn to let go. Just let go. Turn it over. Release it. And then breathe it out, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Wipe the tears, and focus. No one is going to do the work for you and if others can do it so too can YOU!


Your mind can comprehend unlimited realizations. When you think you reform your brain’s neuro-pathways. Thought opens the mind and training your mind to think in rightful healing ways may be contradictory to your natural inclinations. Your being is vitally important because it exist as a physical manifestation of the universe. Your being as it is… is where universal energy has collapsed in upon itself to give you form, to manifest the you that now is. It is your mortal mind that fools you into thinking there are limitations.


As we, Michel, look in upon you, you are not as you see yourselves. You give yourselves the form that you have convinced yourself that you are worthy of having. When you look in the mirror you see the physicality that your mind projects forward through the experiences that have taught you to perceive yourself as you see yourself within that one-dimensional reflection. You are not this. You are always of the greatest and highest good. There are many levels of consciousness and awareness. You can only perceive the level that you allocate to yourself through your belief and you are taught that belief through how you have been treated and by how you treat others. How often have you knowingly treated someone badly who was good to you? And, have you do anything to right that? Have you made any attempt to heal those you have hurt through your own thoughtlessness? You choose how you want to be. So, simple. And there is the rub, as you say.


You are the message, you are the truth, you are the manifestation of your own inner truth that you have chosen to embrace and bring forward. How you speak outwardly, is how your soul hears you speaking to it through its journey of consciousness. Michel


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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Temple of Love and Light

Start sharing, stop being suspicious.

We, Michel, have always taught you to believe in yourself, you NEVER have to stand on someone's back to stand tall. These old sayings have truth laced within them. Sharing knowledge and networking is sharing abundant awareness. The universe is so plentiful no one should ever feel threated, insecure or selfish. The more you give, the more you share, the more you have to draw from. Kindness goes a long way in healing. Being nice takes little energy and it actually feels good. Think about the energy some people put into being negative and controlling. All that perfectly good energy and that is how they choose to use it. Indeed. It takes such little energy to walk away, to let go, to be sincere, to smile, and then go on with your own life.

 When someone is kind to you, they smile at you, or reach out to you and are pleasant, well, it may because that is just how they are... pleasant... and it may have NOTHING to do with them being sexually attracted to you, or them being out to get something from you... those things reflect your own insecurities. How many of you think - 'I know they want me!', 'I know they want something from me!' Really... Stop being so suspicious and thinking you are the end all - life is too short and it won't get you anywhere.

There are some folks who are struggling with their endeavors, having a hard time making ends meet, and yet they become self-protecting, and think that another person, any person, is going to 'steal' their income, one up them, is after their money (when they usually have little - and that is one reason they are so fearful), or that someone is going to steal their following, when those other people could give them a hand up (like others had given them)... that thinking only leads to lackage and more instability - it is based in self-doubt and fear. Why, the universe might just collapse in upon itself and run out of everything. Such silly thinking. And there you have it.

Listen softly, if you can be decent and do the right thing by another, and it doesn't take any skin off you - go for it. No one gets anywhere in life by thinking they can do it all on their own. It takes many hands to build a good life and a stable career. Start sharing, stop being suspicious, and start living a life that is truly abundant. Yes, yes, all puffed up and nowhere to go. It is time to realize that there is so much, so much vastness, that there is no way, there is no possible way that there is remote scarcity or limitation. That is, unless you think there is. Michel

Put your mind on new thoughts.

Do you feel you are stuck. Do you think there is no way out... then perhaps it is time to change your thinking. When you are stuck, so is your thinking. Put your mind on new thoughts, come up with a new idea... then set about learning how to implement that idea.

 ometimes people get caught up in a relationship; they may feel trapped, or dead-ended... then stop... just STOP and observe the dynamic. See what attracted you to that other person in the first place. What was that attraction based in... and then you may begin to see and realize what it was all about.

What significance does the hive and collective have: Within all structures - the family, work, and various groupings, there is purpose and structure if the hive and collective is to survive and function. No one function is any less vital than another. There needs to be many functions and many layers of function to ensure that the work is done and the hive and collective successfully grows. If one part breaks down the hive and collective ceases to be optimally functional. Think of a bee-hive. All are vital to its survival.

Being accepting means truly acknowledging the worth and significance of another... no matter what your difference may be. Those who love you should encourage you. Always strive to be your best. Always reach for the next rung on the ladder... pull yourself up and allow yourself to see the good in yourself. For you will always retain your own identity. If others are not kind... do not even let them have consideration within your thoughts or reality. Michel

A New Day

Aging Well~